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  1. Reno does: https://www.152aw.ang.af.mil/About/Fact-Sheets/Display/Article/1180699/modular-airborne-fire-fighting-system-maffs/
  2. I received the same around three weeks ago. Haven't heard back yet.
  3. Interviewed at a C-130 unit: Tell us about our unit. Tell us about yourself. Tell us about a time you...disagreed with a coworker/lost your cool. Talk about your leadership experience and how you dealt with leading people with more/less experience than you. I also had some more tailored questions based on my work history and resume, as I’m sure everyone does.. so you are a lawyer, why do you want to become a pilot/serve. One very tough scenario question, so the regs say no drinking within 12 hours of a flight, you are co-pilot, the captain is drunk at the 12 hour mark the night before a flight and showing no signs of slowing...what do you do? What are your plans post-seasoning? What are your plans to prepare for UPT? I’m not sure if I’ll be selected, but getting the interview and visiting the unit/seeing the planes was an incredible experience.
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