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  1. Received my second waiver denial today for Chondromalacia and the Microfracture surgery. Submitted very detailed ortho letters and physical exams stating that my functionality is perfect, full strength, full mobility, no limitations, not likely to occur again or impact military service, etc. Sounds like chondromalacia alone might be OK but based on my research/experience and others on this forum the Microfracture surgery is the kicker. Open to any suggestions if people have them, but it appears like I'm at the end of the line for this journey. I also considered potentially looking into the other branches but it doesn't seem likely that we would get through since this is the general MEPs clearance that is holding up the process. Appreciate all the intel on this forum, been an avid follower over the last 1 1/2 years!
  2. Reno does: https://www.152aw.ang.af.mil/About/Fact-Sheets/Display/Article/1180699/modular-airborne-fire-fighting-system-maffs/
  3. I received the same around three weeks ago. Haven't heard back yet.
  4. Interviewed at a C-130 unit: Tell us about our unit. Tell us about yourself. Tell us about a time you...disagreed with a coworker/lost your cool. Talk about your leadership experience and how you dealt with leading people with more/less experience than you. I also had some more tailored questions based on my work history and resume, as I’m sure everyone does.. so you are a lawyer, why do you want to become a pilot/serve. One very tough scenario question, so the regs say no drinking within 12 hours of a flight, you are co-pilot, the captain is drunk at the 12 hour mark the night before a flight and showing no signs of slowing...what do you do? What are your plans post-seasoning? What are your plans to prepare for UPT? I’m not sure if I’ll be selected, but getting the interview and visiting the unit/seeing the planes was an incredible experience.
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