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  1. The no more room for part-timers is what I was eluding to as, could get sporty....at least in some units.
  2. Who initiated your ARB request....recruiter or someone in the ops group?
  3. It's going to get sporty with all of the technician to agr conversions they're talking about. Will the squadrons receive more traditional mil positions during the process? Could be a challenge finding mil positions for TGs without the ability to double slot the new AGR positions.
  4. @I don't exist so, just curious if you're full-time or TG? I'm hearing of a lot of units having no issues attracting and retaining TG's (actually showing them the door at 20 Sat Service), yet struggle to fill their full-time openings. Quite the opposite of just a few years ago.
  5. @JustHaningOut I can't speak to the ARB process at NGB, but the ETP (age) requests have been an average of 2-3 month turnaround from what I've seen.
  6. Hit 20 TAFMS and punch from AD if you really want to fly commercially.
  7. CharlieHotel47, IMO a two week turnaround from NGB is very optimistic. The last few I've seen have been 2-3 months; much improved over what it was a year ago.
  8. SaltyDawg

    Extension to Age Limit?

    nsplayr, I couldn't agree more. We're continuously playing catchup, and one way to expedite getting warm bodies in the cockpit would be to, at the very least, temporarily lift restrictions on age and TFSC. IRT the TFCS Exception to Policy waiver, maybe they're speeding that process up a bit....we recently had one (TFCS and age) come back approved from NGB in less than two months.
  9. NGB won't shed you for UPT until you're g2g with your FC1.