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  1. Dude, chase the fastest and most direct way to get into UPT. Whether that be a Guard or Reserve slot. You're 29, and it sounds like you've met all the requirments to meet a UPT board (degree complete, afoqt etc...) Don't waste your time trying to enlist first and then get hired from within UNLESS that is exactly where you want to be. If you just want to fly, chase the most immediate route. As a sidenote, I enlisted at 22 and worked ARMS for a total of 6 years now (4 active, 2 guard), transfered to the guard and was recently hired as a pilot for my squadron (currently waiting to start the pipeline). If you're placed in a squadron as a SARM, it will give you face time with aircrew, and in my opinion, is a priceless benifit of the job. Whether it be 6 years or 2 months. You get to meet and shake hands with members you might be flying next to one day. I agree what Cork said, straighten out what you 'want' a little more, then attack.
  2. Speaking from the Guard side of the house, and with a very basic understanding of the process: HQ and NGB are two different things that I think a lot of individuals confuse with one another and use interchangeably. Once your package leaves your Wing (Your assigned base), it heads up to your respective state headquarters (HQ). It is reviewed, and if you're lucky, kicked back for corrections. If not, it's approved and sent on to NGB. Once it's approved at HQ, its sent to NGB in Washington D.C. Everything SHOULD be 100% by the time it gets to NGB (but hey, sometimes, AF gonna AF). They give it a final once over, align dates, approve funding, and publish your appointment letter. Bingo, bango.
  3. CAANG Hired: Oct 2017 FC1: January 2018 Package to HQ: Feb 2018 Kicked back for missing initials and resubmit: Mar 2018 Kicked back again for one missing set of initials (interestingly enough, it was to acknowledge that I'm not a line officer. Not sure what that means.) - and resubmit - Mid May 2018 Approved and sent to NGB: End of May 2018 Pending OTS/Pipeline dates: 23 May 2018 Prior-Enlisted (4yrs), transfered to my unit 2 years ago. Hired from within.