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  1. Can’t wait for the new Iron Eagle 6...or was it 7?
  2. Noob Q. If board interview attire is indicated as business casual, does that mean wearing a tie with the suit is optimal? As opposed to just a suit with unbuttoned collar. Asking for a friend...lol
  3. "FighterPilotPodcast"- on YouTube. One of the gentlemen who runs it is former navy Top Gun f-18/f-16 pilot. Focusing on topics like specific air frame, TPS, etc. Recently had an astronaut. WTF,
  4. One more! The form I'm using to apply with the AF-Form -56, doesn't have a section to put my PCSM scores. Where on the application do my PCSM scores go? Thanks for all the help. WTF,
  5. In the middle of the process rn, all I know so far is that my application items need to be to my recruiter by the end of July for his upcoming board. I have very little confidence in my recruiter, so bare with me with these questions. My recruiter is saying I can’t apply for ENJJPT until after I’m at OTS? Meaning I can’t fill out a AF215. Also how important is the AF TFOT? Specifically the essay? Thanks,
  6. Applying to the upcoming board! Super excited. How do I go about applying for an ENJJPT spot? Is it assigned to me? Do I request it before the board date? Best,
  7. Once a candidate has been accepted into the unsponsored training pipeline and is rushing squadrons, does he/she apply to squadrons who are seeking a rated candidate? For example, may I potentially apply to a reserve F-22 squadron rated board? Or must I compete to apply for UPT boards to get picked up and sponsored?
  8. Where did helmet art go? Post images here to develope a collection.
  9. Exactly the type of referral I was looking for. I’ll give it a listen. Thanks 🙏.
  10. Hello all. Broadly: Is it possible to attend a medical school or law school while serving as a traditional guardsman/reservist? Specifically: My areas of concern are in the ability to plan ahead for TDY or deployment. For example, if taking a semester of classes, would I have to drop out mid semester because some type of training or deployment comes up? Or would I be able to expect a 3-4 month notice so that I won’t enroll in certain classes in the affected semester. Also, would the law/med program be willing to let a guard/reservist miss numerous semesters because of duty? ABSTRACT: Would being a pilot in the reserves make an applicant to law/med more competitive? Would it even make up for a poor MCAT or LSAT at top programs? Best,
  11. Thanks for the input gents. 🤙
  12. Im applying to the upcoming active duty pilot board and I’m interested in going to ENJJPT because of the fighter/bomber track. Will I know I was given an ENJJPT slot if I’m approved to attend UPT before I sign? I.e. before I go to OTS. And as a civilian who has very competitive PCSM, GPA, and pilot license how likely am I to be offered an ENJJPT slot?
  13. Thanks for the quick response! Is your ENJJPT or SUPT/UPT slot known before you sign? Will I know where I’m going to UPT at before I sign?
  14. First time on this site. Thanks for reading. I’m currently rushing fighter squadrons all around. I have competitive scores and resumes but I’m considering going Unsponsored or even active duty. Obviously, my biggest fear with going unsponsored is not getting fighters/bombers. Why is it hard to get into these squadrons/spots? I would think it would be easier if the squadron doesn’t have to use their upt pipeline spot on you...since the reserve is already paying for it. Question 1: If unsponsored, are you competing against sponsored board applicants for a position in the squadron? Question 2: Is it possible to apply for ENJJPT spot going unsponsored? Question 2a: if you get the ENJJPT sport and fly the 38 for training, how possible would it be to transfer to other squadrons if all is required is completing IFF and B course? Thanks everyone, really happy I found this site can’t wait to catch up on all the discussions.
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