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    Hello Cinephiles, Regarding “Ford V. Ferrari”. Good film about Americans beating the Europeans at their own game. Merica! Do you even need to know more? Can be slow and extra dramatic at some times but...ya know...gotta appeal to the masses. More represents the clash between driver/engineer vs corporate committees than Ford vs Ferrari but a good film non the less. I rate a 6/10. I believe the film will be welcomed by the racing community as it shows the true spirit of the driver and the engineers. Always striving to expand and often exceed the envelope. GM might have to take ANOTHER one of those bail outs after this propaganda...
  2. Nike

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    Hello Cinephiles, I saw “Midway” in theaters last night. It had its fare share of pros and cons but I was satisfied with the film. On a Macro scale, I felt it successful and competent in capturing, in one picture, the chronologically significant events leading up to and following the attack on peak harbor, I.e. Oil - Pear Harbor Attack - Doolittle Raid - Coral Islands - Midway. There were many creative liberties added which I believe degrade from the films production quality but don’t infringe on the representation of historical events or their importance. I believe this film is perfect for museum type theatre settings. This would be an ideal film to inspire younger and more moldable viewers with its spotlight on duty and service. I particularly enjoyed the portrait of naval aviation - it’s dangers, as well as the theme of bravery as torpedo bombers & dive bombers attacked their targets with great sacrifice and attrition. Often pilots faced little to no chance of recovery IF able to bail out. Overall, I give the film a 7/10, out of respect for history. I believe my time was well spent in watching and do recommend. Perhaps too, you more-than-one brain-cell types can use this as an opportunity to get briefed on the Pacific War - reference “The Admirals” by Borneman. P.S. I find it very “homo-bro” how the main character and his buddy are constantly hugging and touching. Would recommend sitting one seat or more alway from your bros while in viewing.
  3. Can’t wait for the new Iron Eagle 6...or was it 7?
  4. Noob Q. If board interview attire is indicated as business casual, does that mean wearing a tie with the suit is optimal? As opposed to just a suit with unbuttoned collar. Asking for a friend...lol
  5. "FighterPilotPodcast"- on YouTube. One of the gentlemen who runs it is former navy Top Gun f-18/f-16 pilot. Focusing on topics like specific air frame, TPS, etc. Recently had an astronaut. WTF,
  6. One more! The form I'm using to apply with the AF-Form -56, doesn't have a section to put my PCSM scores. Where on the application do my PCSM scores go? Thanks for all the help. WTF,
  7. In the middle of the process rn, all I know so far is that my application items need to be to my recruiter by the end of July for his upcoming board. I have very little confidence in my recruiter, so bare with me with these questions. My recruiter is saying I can’t apply for ENJJPT until after I’m at OTS? Meaning I can’t fill out a AF215. Also how important is the AF TFOT? Specifically the essay? Thanks,
  8. Applying to the upcoming board! Super excited. How do I go about applying for an ENJJPT spot? Is it assigned to me? Do I request it before the board date? Best,
  9. Once a candidate has been accepted into the unsponsored training pipeline and is rushing squadrons, does he/she apply to squadrons who are seeking a rated candidate? For example, may I potentially apply to a reserve F-22 squadron rated board? Or must I compete to apply for UPT boards to get picked up and sponsored?
  10. Where did helmet art go? Post images here to develope a collection.
  11. Exactly the type of referral I was looking for. I’ll give it a listen. Thanks 🙏.
  12. Hello all. Broadly: Is it possible to attend a medical school or law school while serving as a traditional guardsman/reservist? Specifically: My areas of concern are in the ability to plan ahead for TDY or deployment. For example, if taking a semester of classes, would I have to drop out mid semester because some type of training or deployment comes up? Or would I be able to expect a 3-4 month notice so that I won’t enroll in certain classes in the affected semester. Also, would the law/med program be willing to let a guard/reservist miss numerous semesters because of duty? ABSTRACT: Would being a pilot in the reserves make an applicant to law/med more competitive? Would it even make up for a poor MCAT or LSAT at top programs? Best,
  13. Thanks for the input gents. 🤙
  14. Im applying to the upcoming active duty pilot board and I’m interested in going to ENJJPT because of the fighter/bomber track. Will I know I was given an ENJJPT slot if I’m approved to attend UPT before I sign? I.e. before I go to OTS. And as a civilian who has very competitive PCSM, GPA, and pilot license how likely am I to be offered an ENJJPT slot?
  15. Thanks for the quick response! Is your ENJJPT or SUPT/UPT slot known before you sign? Will I know where I’m going to UPT at before I sign?
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