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  1. Have they ever done a program like this before? I’m kinda curious how much flight time a person will get ?
  2. This looks quite interesting I wonder if they have done any programs likes this before?
  3. So I have been timing myself. I am usually finishing ahead in everything except math and the table reading. The verbal and word I have been using GAMOOSH or whatever but that is all up to the word I get that day and being able to decipher the prefix or suffix. so far I am getting most of the aviation, instrument and block reading right. I am also getting 17-18/25 right for the math and verbal stuff and I am using the Barron and trivium books.
  4. So AFPC informed me the normal UFT board PDSM will be released mid-March with the board convening in Sept. It looks like they also supplemented it with this Pilot Preparation Program.
  5. was the material reliable, I have had a few books that seem dates with a jumble of wrong answers? Did you supplement with anything else! (I.e., AFOQT study guide website)
  6. So I have the instrument , table reading , and block counting down pretty solid and the aviation stuff as well. It’s just the verbal, work knowledge and math that I feel kinda shakey on.
  7. Hey everyone, So I bought the Trivium and Barron test prep books and am using the AFOQT study guide website to aid in preparing for the AFOQT, which I take in about a month. Are their any recommendations or additional products I should use or possibly discard from my current study materials to help me get good scores. The first time I tested I didn’t study at all (maybe 1 or 2 days) but this time I am giving myself about 1-2 months of prep. i retook the TBAS and did pretty good. My current pilot is a 49 w/ a PCSM of 18. Once I retest I will start accruing flight hrs.
  8. Guardlife07, did you retake your AFOQT? If so, what did you get and how much did your pcsm increase ?
  9. Hey everyone! So I applied to the last UFT board and didn't make it. I applied with pretty terrible scores because when I originally took the tests I wasn't planning on going rated. My original PCSM score was an 11 my pilot was a 48. I just retook the TBAS and thought I did pretty well. My PCSM went up to an 18. I plan on taking the AFOQT in a few months after some studying. My question is, will I see a significant jump in my PCSM if I make it in the 80-90s for my Pilot. From what I read online without flight hours the highest a person can get is a PCSM:70. I'm curious on how the breakdown and weight of each portion is. Any advice helps. Also is have 0 flight hours.
  10. AFPC told me the nomination PSDM will drop in late Feb and the next board will be in Sept.
  11. Yeah I use to practice in a full get up simulator, but the way it operates is completely different and I feel I won’t master it. The multitasking I did decent. It was just the stick and rudder and the UAV orientation (which I know now) that I did miserable at. Honestly, I didn’t know that the AFOQT was a big factor in the pcsm score like I read in other posts.
  12. Yeah I took the AFOQT with little to no studying and knew nothing about how the Pilot score was comprised. I got a 49 and it obviously shows. My PCSM was AWFUL, I got an 11 and had no clue what the TBAS test had involved. Anywho, I rescheduled the TBAS and have the UAV orientation down great, the other things I’m 50/50. For the AFOQT I got a TRIVIUM prep book a military flight test book to get familiar with aviation stuff.
  13. Did you ever retake the AFOQT?
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