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  1. Is anyone going to IFT or RFT in June till August?
  2. UTM/Formal training, not unless through some weird way you get it.
  3. Yeah I got Randolph as well. I’ll be heading their this summer. That’s a pretty sweet location compared to the others.
  4. So I saw that they loaded IFT for Apr 2 and my CSS told me JBSA Randolph as well. Could be a placeholder.
  5. Well my wing still hasn’t gotten the results. Not sure what is up, I’d assume they would still have the list to notify those who didn’t get selected.
  6. I haven’t heard anything yet. I had a pilot score of 94 and a pcsm of 74, so we’ll see I guess .
  7. I contacted them last Friday and they informed me it all depends on how fast the staffing takes and November release is still expected. I know that doesn’t help a lot but the guy I talked to there is pretty legit.
  8. So has anyone heard anything? I talked with AFPC last week and they said it was going to be signed by the AFPC CC yesterday.
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