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  1. Flight Med should contact you after you make that request in IMR, but I would just give them a call. Flt med should send you and make you fill out several papers and then schedule a audiogram, labs, optometry, and chest x-ray. The paperwork is like family history, disclosure stuff, and etc. I highly recommend you call your flight medicine off and See what they would like. After all this you will have an appoint with the flight doc and he will examine you.
  2. They had the info in MyPers but once the application deadline passed they took it down. also, results aren’t posted as a PDSM.
  3. I did get selected for this program. I’m quite excited to see how many hours we’ll get.
  4. Has anyone found out if they got picked up for pilot prep program (PPP)?
  5. Have they ever done a program like this before? I’m kinda curious how much flight time a person will get ?
  6. This looks quite interesting I wonder if they have done any programs likes this before?
  7. So I have been timing myself. I am usually finishing ahead in everything except math and the table reading. The verbal and word I have been using GAMOOSH or whatever but that is all up to the word I get that day and being able to decipher the prefix or suffix. so far I am getting most of the aviation, instrument and block reading right. I am also getting 17-18/25 right for the math and verbal stuff and I am using the Barron and trivium books.
  8. So AFPC informed me the normal UFT board PDSM will be released mid-March with the board convening in Sept. It looks like they also supplemented it with this Pilot Preparation Program.
  9. was the material reliable, I have had a few books that seem dates with a jumble of wrong answers? Did you supplement with anything else! (I.e., AFOQT study guide website)
  10. So I have the instrument , table reading , and block counting down pretty solid and the aviation stuff as well. It’s just the verbal, work knowledge and math that I feel kinda shakey on.
  11. Hey everyone, So I bought the Trivium and Barron test prep books and am using the AFOQT study guide website to aid in preparing for the AFOQT, which I take in about a month. Are their any recommendations or additional products I should use or possibly discard from my current study materials to help me get good scores. The first time I tested I didn’t study at all (maybe 1 or 2 days) but this time I am giving myself about 1-2 months of prep. i retook the TBAS and did pretty good. My current pilot is a 49 w/ a PCSM of 18. Once I retest I will start accruing flight hrs.
  12. Guardlife07, did you retake your AFOQT? If so, what did you get and how much did your pcsm increase ?
  13. Hey everyone! So I applied to the last UFT board and didn't make it. I applied with pretty terrible scores because when I originally took the tests I wasn't planning on going rated. My original PCSM score was an 11 my pilot was a 48. I just retook the TBAS and thought I did pretty well. My PCSM went up to an 18. I plan on taking the AFOQT in a few months after some studying. My question is, will I see a significant jump in my PCSM if I make it in the 80-90s for my Pilot. From what I read online without flight hours the highest a person can get is a PCSM:70. I'm curious on how the breakdown and weight of each portion is. Any advice helps. Also is have 0 flight hours.
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