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  1. ENJJPT 19-08: U-28 F-22 C-17 Reserves CF-18 Canada F-35 Norway Eurofighter Germany F-35 Norway E-3 Reserves EA-18G A-10 Reserves T-6 German Eurofighter Germany F-35 Norway F-15E F-35 Norway.. U-28 RC-135 A-10 F-35 Norway CF-18 Canada Eurofighter Germany F-22
  2. I’ve been devastated ever since I heard the news early Sunday. What a tragic loss. Hook was such an inspiring person. I got the pleasure of flying with him a few times years ago at the Eglin Aero club. Here is a pic of when he asked me to join him to fly his Champ to a local Fly-in. Nickel on the grass.
  3. That’s weird. Mine doesn’t say “pending MFS approval”
  4. Just found out. ENJJPT. Wish you all the best!
  5. I had my PPL and didn’t have to go through IFT. This is also the case for many of my collegues.
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