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  1. About a month ago I got a letter from the navy saying that I was not able to enlist due to having retained hardware on my left leg. I was confused because at MEPS I saw in my file “waiver recommended” I was bummed out, and my recruiter didn’t understand. In the end they recommended me to go to the Air Force because they actually believed that I should’ve been able to join(which was actually what I wanted to go talk to first). I talked with my recruiter and he told me to go see a specialist(I went to the same one that did my surgery). He gave me a paper saying that nothing is wrong and that I was cleared join(I was surprised when he told me that he was an Air Force vet). I gave that form to my recruiter and he submitted it to the Surgeon General. I just wanna know if I have a chance getting into the Air Force. I got a S/P ORIF on my left leg back in 2014. I have no pain at all and full motion. I run almost everyday with no issues. It’s been 17 days since everything was submitted to the Surgeon General.
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