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  1. I appreciate the feedback! I definitely understand the importance of communication as an officer in the military. Although I scored poorly on this portion of the test I don't feel as its a good representation of my ability to communicate with others. I have proven my communication and/or verbal skills in other ways such as leadership positions from 12 years of 4-H, winning state and competing in DECA nationals, competing in speech and debate in high school, or receiving an appointment to USAFA. And this is what I'd explain in an interview. In addition, although no excuse, in a STEM major I don't exactly get a lot of exposure to tests similar to the verbal portions whereas the other portions of the AFOQT seemed second nature.
  2. Thanks for the feedback! Do you have any ideas of what I can do to make myself more "well rounded"? In terms of sports and volunteering this is the highlights of what I have done: -Varsity soccer captain in high school and ran varsity long distance track as well in high school. -In terms of volunteer work I am a certified hunter and bow hunter education instructor
  3. Hey guys please let me know how my numbers look! Just got scores back today. AGE: 19 AFOQT: Pilot-99 / Nav-73 / AA-85 / V-47 / Q-98 / ABM-99 / CSO-73 PCSM: 92 with 105 hours (95 with 201+ hours) PPL: Have it College: 1 year from graduation. 3.93 cumulative GPA in Industrial Engineering with a minor in Aerospace Engineering (Deans list every semester) LOR: Lt Col in Air Force, retired Lt Col in Army, and retired Navy F-18 pilot/now FedEx pilot Work: Two part time jobs through college while also full time student and summer employment as lineman at local FBO
  4. I take the AFOQT at the end of this month. I also bought a couple prep books and feel like they are a valuable resource, but if you feel good about the table/instrument/aviation/blocks sections you might as well just use a SAT/ACT prep book for the other sections. For the verbal and word knowledge I have just been studying prefixes and using a GRE study guide (the link is one of the bogidope articles about the AFOQT), and for math just practice as many problems as you can from any standardized test prep book they all have similar underlying concepts you need to know.
  5. Long time lurker here, I have searched through the forums without luck trying to find out a bit more about the OR ANG. When applying I understand that they pool all applicants together and pick a couple highly qualified applicants out, for both Klamath Falls and also Portland. My question is if interviewed and picked up does the candidate get any say where he/she goes? Klamath has a largely different mission than Portland and I understand you'd get "farmed" out to another unit for several years before you return to the 114th and then are full time, whereas at Portland it is more of the traditional guard "gig".
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