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  1. I take the AFOQT at the end of this month. I also bought a couple prep books and feel like they are a valuable resource, but if you feel good about the table/instrument/aviation/blocks sections you might as well just use a SAT/ACT prep book for the other sections. For the verbal and word knowledge I have just been studying prefixes and using a GRE study guide (the link is one of the bogidope articles about the AFOQT), and for math just practice as many problems as you can from any standardized test prep book they all have similar underlying concepts you need to know.
  2. Long time lurker here, I have searched through the forums without luck trying to find out a bit more about the OR ANG. When applying I understand that they pool all applicants together and pick a couple highly qualified applicants out, for both Klamath Falls and also Portland. My question is if interviewed and picked up does the candidate get any say where he/she goes? Klamath has a largely different mission than Portland and I understand you'd get "farmed" out to another unit for several years before you return to the 114th and then are full time, whereas at Portland it is more of the traditional guard "gig".
  3. Please tell me what I can do to better myself, so I can become as strong of an applicant as possible, while time is on my side! At this point I am only interested in fighter units. My information: Age: 18 Education: I'm finishing up my first year of college, due to AP classes and taking high course loads I will be able to graduate in three years (spring of 2020) majoring in Industrial and Systems Engineering and am planning to minor in aerospace engineering. I currently have a 3.96 GPA. Work: I Have worked part-time all through college and high school and plan to work at my city airport this summer. Flying Experience:I currently have my private pilots with roughly 60 hours, and I plan to begin my instrument rating this summer and at the very least hit the benchmark of over 100 hours. My family has a c172, c206, and PA 12 with a grass strip at our house and my dad is a CFI so flight time fortunately won't be a big issue. Should I just focus on more hours, or should I pursue a commercial rating and possibly a multi add on? Volunteer work: I am a volunteer hunters safety instructor and peer tutor Leadership: I feel like I may be lacking here, I had tons in high school such as varsity team captains, 4-H, etc.. but in college I haven't had to much time to get involved since I am taking a high course load on top of working. I've been talking to some school faculty about possibly starting some sort of aviation/flying club next year. Any other ideas? Physical fitness: Can run a sub 5 minute mile and max push ups and pull ups Awards/Honors -On a 4 year full ride scholarship -Deans list -3 year consecutive first place Shotgun shooting team -Attended USAFA summer seminar -Was accepted to USAFA with one primary nomination and two other nominations (I declined the appointment because I wasn't 100 percent sure that is what I wanted after talking to a bunch of retired military pilots and and didn't feel right taking that privilege away from someone else who wanted it. It was easily the hardest decision of my life, but no changing it now so I'm making the best of it and going Guard over AD! But hey still on a full scholarship so not to bad of a gig!) LOR: Planning on getting 2-3 letters of rec from retired military members who are family friends that know me well, and possibly another from a professor or boss I thought about enlisting but the nearest ANG is three-four hours away and they fly the c-130 which I'm not too interested in. I'm planning on ordering some studying materials for the AFOQT and to take it next spring in addition to rushing some units next summer. What am I missing? Thanks in advance!
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