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  1. Timeline for guard heavy unit. UPT selection board - 28 March 2018 Selection notification - 9 April 2018 FC1 - 27 August 2018 FC1 stamped - 10 October 2018 Dates received - 15 April 2019 (TFOT 30Jul) (IFT14Nov) (UPT?)
  2. Guard Kc-135 Ops tempo Anyway you slice it the -135 community is busy with deployments, operational taskings, training sorties, and trips. As far as deployments are concerned, as a new Lt. you’re going to be asked to do a 2 month (72 day) rotation for the first couple years. The guard is split between “bucket” and “rainbow” deployments, both have their pros and cons. The busy tempo has had an affect on the morale at some loactions. Which makes the decision for “on the fence” guys to head to the airlines that much easier. Rewarding? In my humble opinion I feel the deployed mission is extremely rewarding. Having the opportunity to offload gas to a receiver that is supporting the dudes on the ground is only second to actually being the strike package guy. Our stateside mission also includes Aero Evac, Troop Movement, Coronets, etc. All of which have their rewarding moments. In the same breath the mission can be monotonous and bland. Flying in circles for hours just waiting on your receivers , who sometimes never show up. Bases AD, AFRC, ANG! Tankers are everywhere. But if you go AD you can almost expect to go to McConnell or Fairchild. Feel free to PM me if you have any specific questions. Hope this helps!
  3. Hey, Thanks for the feedback, I know in this business not all advice/feedback is positive in nature. I am looking forward to what the future has in store no matter what happens. I appreciate your thoughts! -T
  4. Thanks for the advice. Yea, I don't want to come off as a douche by appearing unappreciative for the opportunity that I have been given thus far.
  5. GPA 3.26 PCSM 74 (21 flight hours) Maybe leverage isn't the correct term to use. Thanks, I am excited to have the opportunity.
  6. Hey fellas, I am looking for advice on my current situation. I have recently been selected to fly heavies at my home station guard unit (historically a highly competitive unit to get into) however, I am still pursuing the fighter route. I am going to preface my questions by stating that I have been upfront with my leadership and the UPT board with my aspirations. They have been nothing but supportive and understanding. So, fighter guys. Do you think it is wise to use my current position as leverage toward reaching a single seat? Is there some appeal to knowing a candidate has been selected by another unit? Overall what are your thoughts on my situation? Lastly, I currently work in Operations as an enlisted flyer. Does that carry any weight? I have my FC1 selected but not yet completed and I am first in line for TFOT FY19 dates. I intend to continue applying for fighters until the option has exhausted itself. My scores are good but have one glaring low score... P96 N87 AA23 V38 Q16 Thanks in advance for the advice and feedback, T
  7. I scored a 96 on Pilot and have similar flights hours to you (in the 20s) but have yet to take the TBAS (scheduled next week). Trying to gauge what I can expect my PSCM to be from a positive TBAS. Good luck and thanks!
  8. How did you score on the AFOQT?
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