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  1. My Finishing Touch

    Ordering Patches (name, morale, fun meter)

    I had looked into making visor covers but from the pictures I saw I'd probably need to charge $30 for the embroidery on the visor covers let alone the cost of making the visor covers. I don't see how they can charge $30 for a visor cover and make a profit. For the mugs have you tried your base Arts and Crafts shop? Dave
  2. My Finishing Touch

    Ordering Patches (name, morale, fun meter)

    If the thread is getting fuzy, since it's a polyester thread you can take a lighter and get it close to the fuzz and it will shrink back. A lighter will help clean up a a fuzzy nametag. For those looking for leather nametags I don't make them but I see that Wings & Things and Thomas Tags both make leather nametags. Sorry about having to send you elsewhere for the leather nametags but I'm happy to help you with your regular nametag needs. Working on some for Vance and AFSOC today. Thanks, Dave
  3. My Finishing Touch

    Ordering Patches (name, morale, fun meter)

    I did come across belltype and they gave me a quote for the equipment but after repeated emails they won't quote me on the dies. The equipment was about $3k but it's the dies that scare me. I've found another site that makes leather nametags and according to their website they have a gazillion possible designs that can go on leather nametags. I was wagging $75 per die and if this other company really had as many possibilities as they seem to indicate they'd have close to $10k in dies. I was hoping there would be some way to etch the design in the leather with a laser and then spray the etched area remove a masking tap and achieve the same effect but I haven't had time to test this idea yet. Thanks, Dave
  4. My Finishing Touch

    Ordering Patches (name, morale, fun meter)

    I wouldn't charge you to set up your logo. thanks, Dave
  5. My Finishing Touch

    Ordering Patches (name, morale, fun meter)

    I'll work to add some pictures/products to my website. I make two kinds of bag tags. The first is the standard aircrew helmet double snap bag. 1" wide thick nylon webbing. I have navy, black and red webbing. Typically the guys are getting their wings, callsign and front profile of the B-52 embroidered on the tags. I also make luggage tags out of 2" wide webbing (either polyester or standard seatbelt webbing) in a greater variety of colors. These have a loop of 550 cord rather than the double snaps and typically just have a name on them. The double snap bag tags are $15 and the luggage tags are $12.50. I saw the Rama World bag tags and they appear to be sublimated rather than embroidered. Not bad just a different and simpler process. If someone knows how to make the leather nametags I'd appreciate your gouge as I haven't been able to learn the process yet. Thanks, Dave
  6. My Finishing Touch

    Ordering Patches (name, morale, fun meter)

    Well above Mardon standards. You can either order from our website www.myfinishingtouch.com or email us the particulars myfinishingtouchonline@gmail.com Thanks, Dave
  7. My Finishing Touch

    Ordering Patches (name, morale, fun meter)

    I should point out that if your squadron has been using Mardon and paid a fee to have your logo digitized then you own the design file and can request the file from Mardon. They you're free to find an alternate vendor to make your nametags. Hint, hint :) Thanks, Dave
  8. My Finishing Touch

    Ordering Patches (name, morale, fun meter)

    Moderator....If needed you can delete. Quick introduction. I'm a retired RJ pilot working as a civilian for AFGSC. My job #2 is an embroidery business that I work at night. Lately I've transitioned to making more and more nametags. I primarily make nametags for AFGSC bases (Minot, Whiteman, Barksdale, Malmstrom) but also make nametags for a few other bases. I've been flying under Mardon's radar and they probably haven't noticed I've been slowly building my nametag business. If you know any of the Snackos at AFGSC bases I'm sure they'd give glowing reviews of my quality and timeliness. If you need references I could provide them. My website ( www.myfinishingtouch.com ) is admittedly somewhat rudimentary and I'm hoping to update the nametag ordering process soon. Mostly though, the Snackos and RAs I work with just email me with their nametag requirments ( myfinishingtouch@gmail.com) rather than going through my website. My pricing is simple: $11 if your order a single nametag or $7.50 each when ordering more than one. Shipping is $1.50 per set of two and is capped at $6.00. Mardon closing is scary to me. I hate that their Friday logo designs and squadron colors are potentially lost. My biggest struggle when pulling in a new squadron is getting the material/thread colors close to what Mardon uses. If I knew where Mardon bought their supplies it'd be easy but I asked them years ago and understandably they laughed at me on the phone. My wings are much superior to Mardon's wings and the overall feel of my nametags is much better. You'd expect me to say this but I have Mardon nametags from flying the RJ prior to my retirement so I can make a direct comparison and my customers agree. So if you're in need of nametags please let me know. Dave Davies