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  1. Can someone in the know let me know how exactly airframes get selected? I am in UPT and they are being about as opaque as possible with the process. Excruciating detail is preferred. For example: I know that academics are about 10% of what is considered. But are they considered on a straight points scale i.e. if the first person is at a 100, last person is 98, and everyone else is 99 then the last person gets 98% of the credit of the first person and the difference in academics is negligible? Or it could also be on a forced distribution where the last person is a 0/10 and the first person is a 10/10 regardless of their relative scores. Or some other system. Furthermore, how are U,F,G,E grades quantified? Are they given point values for each daily ride i.e. 2 3 4 5 and then summed up and that's your score? Or is there something else at work? When do we find out how we are doing relative to others? Do they ever just put up a roster with everyone's names and scores kind of like they put of the list of who made the football team in high school? Yes the IPs give feedback when I ask how I'm doing but it's generally just stuff like "you're doing fine" or "you could be doing better at X". Finally, is your "raw" score from phases 1 2 and 3 the only thing they consider? Does a person who isn't the sharpest but works hard and help others truly have a better shot at what they want than a person who is not a team player and screws over their classmates, but performs better? Is there any consideration taken for people who started at different levels? For example if a brand new Lt and an Airline pilot with 6000 hours both are at the same level at the end of phase 3, but the person with a lot of hours caught on faster earlier due to their experience, will they take that into consideration? Or is it strictly your scores? Do they take into account how "good" a class is? Like if Vance says they have a ton of high performers for 18-07, while Laughlin says their class 18-07 is not quite as great, then Vance will get a "better" drop? Or are the drops blind to the perception of how good the class is?
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