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  1. Hey fellas, I apologize for taking so long to reply. Another person here was able to get the information I requested. I now have a class date of April 2018!! I really do appreciate your replies.
  2. Hello everyone, I received a secondary (explanations below) FC1-eye exam on April 4th of this year. The information was eventually submitted to Texas for review on July 27th and I've been waiting patiently ever since which seems to be a longer than normal time from my research. A little backstory: I'm a civilian that began the OTS route close to, or over 2 years ago. I was selected pilot after my second round of selection / interviews and DQ'd after my left eye did not fall within waiver-able limits (I had a -3.5 correction when the limit is -3 if I remember correctly). I pushed for a re-test and both eyes fell well within the waiver-able limits. The recruiter I deal with seems to be forced to wait for results just like I am. If there's one things I've learned the most during this process is if I want it bad enough, I must take initiative to find any route I reasonably can to push things along...respectfully, of course. So, my question is if anyone here can offer advice or contact information that can help me at least make sure everything is going on track with my package. Please let me know if you need any information from me! -FC1 performed at Wright-Patterson, OH --> I have tried contacting, but with little success there. Thank you for your patience and help everyone!
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