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  1. huntfishvote

    Post-Select Pre-MEPS Process (ANG)

    Thanks. I didn't know you can just "show up." They didn't let any applicant show up to visit before the last board. Not a single interviewee was let on base prior to the interview. I think you're right though. I gotta just show up and make it happen. I'm not local but a 2.5 hour drive isn't bad at all. Thank you, sir.
  2. huntfishvote

    Chances for heavy unit?

    To both of y'all above. I can't speak to age waivers; however there is a thread for questions regarding them. All I can say is if you want it, go after it, apply to as many units as you can. Never give up. Good luck.
  3. Hey all- I'm an off the street select at an ANG unit. I was put in touch with the unit's recruiter and had one conversation with him about a month ago. I still haven't heard back. I haven't provided him any additional documents either. This is all pre-MEPS/FC1. Do you have any suggested plan of action if you were in this situation? I know about the waiting game, but when phones go silent, and emails aren't responded to I get anxious. I am considering waiting another month and then reaching out to the pilot hiring board and the chief pilot. Any suggestions? Should I call the other recruiters at the unit? In the mean time I'm finishing the last hours of my PPL.
  4. I am a civilian off-the-street pilot select for an ANG unit. I've been transferred to an enlisted recruiter because he said I need to enlist first to go to MEPS and then go to Wright-Pat for FC-1, and then my packet will be sent to NGB. I was wondering if this is an aberration or if this is typical. I will be going this route regardless, I am just curious. Thanks in advance.
  5. huntfishvote

    Chances for heavy unit?

    Hey all thanks for your replies and support. Just wanted to let you know I was picked up by a heavy unit. I think it was the interview that sealed the deal. To anyone in a similar situation just keep getting after it and your time will come. I talked to units that told me I need my PPL, I need to retake the AFOQT, I need to enlist first or I wouldn't qualify for this or that reason. Just keep sending out apps, visiting units, and interviewing to raise your chances.
  6. huntfishvote

    Chances for heavy unit?

    First post here.. I have another question related to the thread topic. AFOQT: Pilot 98, Nav 97, AA 59, V 73, Q 48 PCSM 80, 28 hours GPA 3.4 non-STEM LOR's O-7, O-4, civ supervisor, initial CFI Age 27.5 Good civ leadership experience I'm currently working on my PPL. I began training this summer; I just switched flight schools today because the plane has been down for over a week and it has not been helping. I will now be flying 3+ times per week in a high wing Cessna. I have 2 interviews scheduled this month, and I am waiting to hear back from a unit. While I know I am going into these interviews with an inherent disadvantage, I have been told that regardless of the turnout I will be getting useful interview experience, which I have been getting. Is it unheard of for guys like me to get picked up? Should I hold off on sending any more packets out until I get a PPL? Thank you in advance.