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  1. Hey everyone, I just joined recently and was wondering what my chances are of getting selected for pilot through OTS? I leave the general information below and please give me some tips if you have any advice. Rundown, Active Duty Staff Sergeant, F-16 Avioincs Aiming for 2018 January OTF. 72 Credits through Embry Riddle, so far GPA is a solid 4.0 (only have 7 classes of graded classwork, transferred 60 credits through CCAF) AFOQT Scores of Pilot 82 Navigator 46 Academic Aptitude of 40 Verbal of 34 and a Q of 49 PSCM score of 64 (Should be 69 or 71 with continued flying hours) No LORs on record 3 Achievement Records, 1 Commendation 25 flying hours and growing constantly 6 1/2 years currently in the Air Force Achievements 57th AMXS BAA (busting your ass award) coined by MXG commander 4rth quarter 2012 Depot Level Maintence-saved 2.1 million dollars on Major Depot level maintenance-coined by Wing commander Superior performer of the Quarter (2nd) coined by MXG commander Nickel Amn of the Month February 2015 QA Silver Honor Roll-8 QA passes in Bagram Afghanistan Red Flag/Green Flag 2016 July Superior Performer 96% percent on 7 LVL EOC-coined by Wing commander Red Flag/Green Flag 2017 May Superior Performer Raised 10000$ with Adviocon (Aviano Comic Con) Assisted in 2014 Food Bazar in Aviano raising 12000$