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  1. Can you elaborate on serving the time in the Reserves? I transferred mine and it took me 4 months past my UPT ADSC. Do I need to Palace Chase to use that time in the Reserves? Or can I get out at my active duty commitment and do the rest of the time in the Reserves?
  2. Give the man a break. Part of the reason the Air Force is sinking is because a lot of the good dudes decide to get out versus putting in the effort to fix anything. With that being said , I am choosing to get out ASAP but don’t bring down the people who play the game to potentially make it to a point where they can make a difference. Just because their path is different from yours doesn’t mean it’s a bad or wrong path. It’s just different. Let’s be honest , if you don’t check the containers right now you’re never going to be in a leadership position to actually change anything worthwhile. Some people are going to have to take the plunge.
  3. With that logic it says that FAIPs were taught initially by people who are terrible with no fundamentals so now FAIPs magically know good fundamentals when they’ve never seen it? Does not compute. Nice try FAIP.
  4. This. We are way behind in technology as a whole Instead of producting an aircraft to be able to effectively do all this , just build one or an attachment to effectively replicate these threats We can’t even afford new fighters or trainers . Do you really think we can afford a dedicated red air platform ? The technology could be created to Mimic jamming , radar pictures , different groups , etc. Any small plane could carrry this and play the role As far as BFM/ ACM you’d have to use your own For that one set of skills
  5. Lots of generalizations here. At the end of the day you can’t argue with a 40% take rate when the goal is 65%. I argue the take rate should be 75 or higher when you could make the case of flying fighters is the greatest job in the world. Something is probably wrong with the system. From what I’ve seen most of the 38 IPs at my base that talk the most about getting out ASAP are the bomber and cargo guys. 6/9 of the fighter guys want to go back to their original MWS.
  6. I have heard that once you Seven Day opt you have set a separation date and you can no longer Palace Chase. Is this true ? With the new ADSC rules in place it will be interesting to see how the Big AF handles these. If someone have 2 years and 5 months left and opts out will they leave them in place or move them without extending to 3 years. I think this summer VML will be the test group for it.
  7. Well done to the crew for not leaving anyone behind. That being said , seat failed to fire ?! Not sure how much confidence Id have stepping to jets with that issue. Are the bones currently flying or figure out why this happened ?
  8. So when jets start breaking and we don’t know what’s causing it we’re just going to accommodate flying instead of fixing it ? Gear problems ? Well just fly gear down for stories. Avionics issues ? Ok no ILS approaches allowed anymore. I think you need to fix known issues to keep trust for your work force.
  9. Does anyone have current info on Tyndall and VA T38 ADAIR such as work schedule, flight schedule , hiring , tempo, pros and cons ? Thanks.
  10. Here we go with this stupid argument again by people who haven't taught at UPT in the last 3-5 years or ever. They aren't sending any fighter guys to UPT anymore , period as of a year or so ago because of the shortage. Before that , a BML had 8 of 8 go to Ops including non-vols because of manning and the very next one had 1 of 8 Ops. And he problem starts in T-6s for the studs and not 38s. There is zero fighter awareness or culture in T-6s anymore besides maybe the SQ CC so all these kids hear shot for their first 6 months is how you don't want 38s, that's lame , go heavys and travel the world. So we start with getting non-vol that wanted Tones. Now you have to show them that 38s aren't what they have heard from across the street at all. Another problem is nunber 1 and 2 in T-6s get their first choice so if they want T-1s, fine. But now you have middle of the class person who gets 38s and then drops a F-16 even though they are last in the class. Could anyone fly it ? Potentially. But IMO a lot more class As are heading our way soon.
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