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  1. Bros, I went for an interview several months ago,I felt I did very well, and got great feedback, the biggest thing being I need to get better scores. I totally got destroyed by the math and admittedly, I should have studied a lot harder and I am looking to do some major self improvement. I'm already an Army pilot and I feel a little bad posting this because I don't want to make us all look bad. ive got a couple of the books, and am looking to get some math tutoring on the side using the books as a guide to what I should study. Are there any courses or AFOQT reviews that AFROTC guys go to or that you guys recommend? I have one shot left and I want to get hired and not get left behind. Thank you in advance. 51
  2. Was selected as an alternate and requested to increase scores and re-apply. Really great experience!
  3. Wow, with scores like that you could really go to any unit you want.
  4. Hey thanks fellas I really appreciate the input, Shockingly, I heard back from a unit soon as updated my package and they invited me for an interview. I am tempering my expectations because of my scores, but regardless, I am still going to take the exam again. I was unprepared for the math sections and It reflected. Hope to report good things in the future!
  5. Fellas, I am an interservice transfer from the Army, already a qualified H60 driver, post command, 3 tours, etc. I did not do well on my AFOQT, I thought I had studied to an appropriate level, quite frankly the math portion surprised me a little more than I was prepared for and I embarrassingly, I choked in the ambush and I scored a whopping 5 in quantitative. Scores: Pilot: 78 Nav: 62 ACAD AP: 25 Verbal: 64 Q: 5 I am pretty embarrassed to talk about this, but humility in failure is important and I have learned a very hard lesson these past few days. So I am going to set up a retest, and go forth and study my ass off and be ready to get after and improve for the next time. My question from the regulation standpoint is: Since I am already a commissioned officer, do the minimum scores required to commission into the Air Force even matter? and for that matter do they matter for UPT, as I already surpassed the minimums for pilot/nav required to go to UPT?? after some introspection I walked into this unprepared for the math sections, which overall I am sure brought my other scores down significantly.
  6. Unless your dream is to fly in the military and no one else will take you, join the Army but DONT go active duty as an RLO. Go Gaurd and be a warrant. The Army’s warrant officers have a pretty good deal, but you’re not a group decision maker outside of the cockpit ever, unless you’re an SP or an Air Mission Commander for mission. There’s a reason the Army is hemorrhaging pilots. I’m an Army aviator and RLO that wishes He dropped a UQR at 26, and rushed some fighter units then, Instead of doing it at 30 going on 31. Im not going to give up and neither should you. Flying anything would be a dream. I’m an Austin local so PM me if you wanna have a beer and see if we can help each other get hired. Cooperate and graduate right? Shoot me a Pm and I’ll give you some more detailed advice.
  7. I appreciate it. Thanks for the advice.
  8. Hey guys, I am in a precarious situation, I have the ability to take the AFOQT and the TBAS here in Europe before I redeploy and at the same time, meet the some hiring board deadlines for units. the test dates are 21 and 25JUN. I have not really studied and I don't want to get a bad score to hurt my chances later, in addition to that, I don't know how I can study for the TBAS, as I understand it's more of the motorskills test. I'm also sitting at just shy of 800 hours so I am not worried as much about the stick wiggling part. what do you guys recommend?
  9. Hey fellas, Some great information in this thread. I am UH60M Pilot coming out of a company command and I am looking to try to transition to the air force ANG/Reserves as well. two questions to ask with this process: Finding a unit: should I just cold call them and reach out to their hiring board guys?? Age waiver: Im 29 turning 30 this summer, can I get an age waiver to UPT??
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