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  1. Alex160

    AF Reserve Age Limit

    This is very comforting to hear.
  2. Alex160

    TBAS and AFOQT Studying

    I appreciate it. Thanks for the advice.
  3. Alex160

    TBAS and AFOQT Studying

    Hey guys, I am in a precarious situation, I have the ability to take the AFOQT and the TBAS here in Europe before I redeploy and at the same time, meet the some hiring board deadlines for units. the test dates are 21 and 25JUN. I have not really studied and I don't want to get a bad score to hurt my chances later, in addition to that, I don't know how I can study for the TBAS, as I understand it's more of the motorskills test. I'm also sitting at just shy of 800 hours so I am not worried as much about the stick wiggling part. what do you guys recommend?
  4. Hey fellas, Some great information in this thread. I am UH60M Pilot coming out of a company command and I am looking to try to transition to the air force ANG/Reserves as well. two questions to ask with this process: Finding a unit: should I just cold call them and reach out to their hiring board guys?? Age waiver: Im 29 turning 30 this summer, can I get an age waiver to UPT??