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  1. Duck, If you draw a guard/reserve retirement and/or any disability they will take the 69k back. Separately, for anyone contemplating Duck’s ADSC Grand Slam strategy I think the move away from PRFs has closed that loophole. I wrote the letter, still got promoted. Maybe others had different results?
  2. Anyone seen/heard of a Pilot Bonus to O-5s to get them to stay past 20 for two years? I heard rumors of such....Would be interesting to see how much they are offering to keep them for a couple more years.
  3. "Flags of Convenience" aka cheap foreign pilot labor is a more near-term threat to lucrative pilot jobs for good red blooded 'Muricans than automation, I believe. So actually Gen Goldfein should argue to keep the arbitrary 1500 hour rule... a burgeoning pilot shortage leaves no where to turn except foreign pilots/flagged carriers. Then military pilots are safe because they make more in the military without even needing an increase to the bonus! If you don't think it can happen, ask a merchant marine. http://www.alpa.org/en/advocacy/flag-of-convenience
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