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  1. My FC1 physical is coming up soon and I have to submit a 2807 detailing my medical history. I was wondering if all surgeries reported will need the surgery report to go along with it. I had my adenoids out when I was a child at 8 and can get the paperwork if necessary, but not in time for the physical. I was wondering if that would be something they would request a surgical report on or if I should even report it/ avoid it on the form. An additional piece of data is this is on my FAA- FC3 physical form. I am not sure how in depth the doc's look at that or if they just look to see I have my FC3 cert and move on.
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    Undescended Testicle Screening Question

    Thank you I appreciate all of the information you gave me, I already set an appointment with the Urologist who performed the operation. Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network Forums
  3. Hey all, I am about a couple weeks away from a flight physical and I got some paperwork with an interesting question. The question was "Have you ever or do you now have an undescended testicle". I haven't said anything yet because I had an undescended testicle but it was fixed when I was much younger. I was wondering a few things in this situation. 1. Would this condition disqualify me from flight? 2. Is this condition waiverable/ what are my chances for a waiver? 3. Worst case, there is about an inch long scar on my pubis, how in depth are the medical screens/ do you think they will find it under pubic hair if I don't say anything to the question. Thank you in advance for taking your time to help me out.