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  1. Just took the AFOQT.. retake? Help!

    Thanks, man! Yea while I wait the 6 months I plan on reaching out to all the units I can get a hold of. Hope all is well on your side.
  2. Just took the AFOQT.. retake? Help!

    Ok everyone quick updates. Took the tbas and ended up with a score of 92. What do you guys think?
  3. Philipe it's hard to predict what the needs of the Air Force are going to be by the time you are fully qualified to apply for a pilot position. You are doing the right by doing your research but by the time you get your degree and past all the test it's going to be over 10 years. I suggest, get good grades in high school and get into a good college or even the air force academy. Once you are in college try ROTC and see how you like it. Also don't forget about the OCS route. But for now just focus on doing good in school. Also you can join the Civil air patrol.
  4. Just took the AFOQT.. retake? Help!

    Everyone I just want to say thank you for the great feedback you guys have given me. I will for sure retake the AFOQT when I am allowed to do so again. In the mean time I am starting to rush some units and see what happens. Once again thank you everyone.
  5. Just took the AFOQT.. retake? Help!

    Agreed. In the mean time while I wait the 6 months I am going to try and rush some units and see what happens.
  6. Just took the AFOQT.. retake? Help!

    Thanks bud! I appreciate the feedback and will do.
  7. Hey everyone I just took the AFOQT and I am a bit disappointed with my scores. At the moment I am a regional pilot with about 1800 hours and 5 months from upgrading to captain. I am pursuing a guard/ reserve heavy unit. P83 /N30 /AA17 /V22 /Q20 Bachelor's degree in Aviation with a 2.5 GPA Prior service Army (enlisted) Alot of volunteer time with the civil air patrol and different organizations in the aviation community. 27 years old. I am scheduled to take the tbas next week. I would not want to take the AFOQT again but if it needs to be done I'll do it. What do you guys think? Any advice is appreciated. Thank you for your time. Have a great day.
  8. Good for you. I am glad things worked out at the end. We need people like you to share their success stories here. Good luck on the next chapter and keep us posted.
  9. Upcoming Boards

    Does anybody know if the 932aw out of Scott AFB is hiring for upt? They fly the c40s but I have been getting conflicting info.
  10. Chances for ANG UPT

    Oh man you're not the only one. Dude they are harder. Let's just say my feelings got a bit hurt after I finished too. Haha
  11. Chances for ANG UPT

    That's good. How did you do on the test from nelnet?
  12. Chances for ANG UPT

    What do you consider well?
  13. Chances for ANG UPT

    Dude I been using the Barron practice test and the free ones on afoqtstudyguide.com and I did decent on those but when I took the Peterson ones I did awful. I was going to to take the real test this month but I'm going to postpone it.
  14. A-10 units

    What's really sad its people come here for advice but some members actually enjoy leading people the wrong way. I hope that's not the norm in the Air Force.
  15. Chances for ANG UPT

    I'm in the same boat. It's 27 really that bad? My afoqt is schedule for July. Wondering if some heavy units in McGuire will take me or if I have a shot at Ft Wayne.