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  1. Any time brotha! Glad to help! On a side note I know many of you have contacted me about helo slots. Bare with me as I get back to you. TDY at the moment. But I promise I’ll reply back!
  2. http://www.guardreservejobs.com/newjobboard/jobs/b-1-pilot/ heads up! If anyone wants a BONE.
  3. If I ask you to show up with 5 beautiful woman and you show up with 6 grenades how would you think I will feel? moral of the story: follow the instructions. Provide what was asked of you.
  4. Absolutely! What locations are you looking at?
  5. For anyone thinking about going Rotary feel free to hit me up. Also if you need a contact at the different units as well. Again this is for the odd heads whose families considers them funny looking, parents neglected them, like cheap beer, drive keeps (tacos are ok too) or other wise known as rotor heads. -Pedro 👣
  6. Damm bro I’m sorry to hear that! That’s some bs!
  7. We had at least 4 cases where people washed out of 38s at Laughlin and ended up in toners or helos. Within the last 5 years.
  8. You washed out of 38s and they didn’t send you to toners?
  9. Stop sending dick pics. Lol jk jk jk Check your mailbox. 😂😂😂
  10. NY is on pause. As for Patrick 60s we might run our board this May. (Things can change) expect a video interview if anything.
  11. That also included a waiver from Wright Pat as well.
  12. Everyone here is freaking out about shit you can’t control! Yes shit will be delay, you won’t graduate on time and you will miss that deadline you had to make it to xyz airline. One thing I know for sure now that I am in is that the needs of the Air Force wont change. We still need pilots. We still need manning! I see it every day where I am at. Both fighters and heavies. So relax and work on those packages. Interviews will happen maybe not right away but they will happen. I just finished interviewing a guy via Skype! So relax! Shit will be rolling! Trust me we need you!
  13. Hired Nov 1 FC1: approved January 28 OTS June 6 UPT: Oct 25 Graduated UPT 11 months after.
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