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  1. There’s no way to know unless you are the recruiter. Headquarters updates forms periodically and if you filled out a form on 01/01/01 and they come out with an updated version on 01/02/01 your original is out of date. I would suggest you just ask your recruiter to double check you have filled out the most recent version of each form prior to submitting to NGB.
  2. Hired Guard July 2017 Enlisted Aug 2017 FC1 Oct 2017, Approved Jan 2018 Package to NGB Jan 2018 (forms out of date, recruiter failure) resubmit March 2018 (improperly completed form, partly me/partly recruiter) resubmit April 2018 TFOT and IFT dates May 2018 UPT TBD (Guard FY19 UPT quotas have not been assigned yet?) Bottom line, if paper work is correct the process can go relatively quickly and smoothly. Double and triple check everything you send to your recruiter. Many things are confusing and no matter how many times you recheck you wont know if you've done it right (your recruiter probably wont either). Be patient. Be polite. Keep in touch with your POCs and don't quit your civilian job.
  3. AF24 states, "AFOQT SCORES (Only AFTCOs or Unit Commanders are authorized to enter scores)." Obviously this seems to state I cannot enter my scores on my own for this form. Does anyone have some better info on filling this out? I ask because I have worked with two recruiters and they have both been incredibly non responsive. I would really prefer to not have to try to track them down just to have my scores entered. Has anyone entered these themselves? Where any issues brought from this?
  4. @bobsan thanks for sharing. Now I have hope, just need to make sure i get those leg days in!
  5. Now that the flames are well stoked, I'll provide some more perspective on why I am asking the question. Do I plan to abandon my unit down the road for fighters? No. Why not apply to a fighter unit? I am. Why ask the damn question then? I am well established in my current city, married, have a solid civi job, own a house, and dont really want to move (hence why the Guard). Therefore, my first pick (and probably best shot at getting a UPT slot) is to fly for the local guard unit which happens to fly heavies. With no plans to leave, I know I will probably never fly fighters in my career, but would LOVE to have the chance to fly them for a period of time even if it is just for Phase 3 of UPT. Sure, it gives me the flexibility down the road to possibly transfer should the wife get a life changing job offer somewhere else but that is not my motivation.
  6. Long story short, I live in a city with a C-17 ANG unit and plan to apply for a UPT slot. Plan to stay local and fly heavies for a long time. I know that if you go the T-1 route at UPT you are flying heavies for your entire career, but if you can go the T-38 route you can fly just about anything. My question is this, if I perform well at UPT and earn it, can I track T-38s if I'm already with a heavy unit? I am a life long overachiever and the thought of not proving that I can perform at the highest level in UPT (tracking T-38s) is frustrating. Certainly, I will deal with it if I have to but I would love to have the flexibility.
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