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  1. AFOQT scores on AF24

    AF24 states, "AFOQT SCORES (Only AFTCOs or Unit Commanders are authorized to enter scores)." Obviously this seems to state I cannot enter my scores on my own for this form. Does anyone have some better info on filling this out? I ask because I have worked with two recruiters and they have both been incredibly non responsive. I would really prefer to not have to try to track them down just to have my scores entered. Has anyone entered these themselves? Where any issues brought from this?
  2. @bobsan thanks for sharing. Now I have hope, just need to make sure i get those leg days in!
  3. Now that the flames are well stoked, I'll provide some more perspective on why I am asking the question. Do I plan to abandon my unit down the road for fighters? No. Why not apply to a fighter unit? I am. Why ask the damn question then? I am well established in my current city, married, have a solid civi job, own a house, and dont really want to move (hence why the Guard). Therefore, my first pick (and probably best shot at getting a UPT slot) is to fly for the local guard unit which happens to fly heavies. With no plans to leave, I know I will probably never fly fighters in my career, but would LOVE to have the chance to fly them for a period of time even if it is just for Phase 3 of UPT. Sure, it gives me the flexibility down the road to possibly transfer should the wife get a life changing job offer somewhere else but that is not my motivation.
  4. Long story short, I live in a city with a C-17 ANG unit and plan to apply for a UPT slot. Plan to stay local and fly heavies for a long time. I know that if you go the T-1 route at UPT you are flying heavies for your entire career, but if you can go the T-38 route you can fly just about anything. My question is this, if I perform well at UPT and earn it, can I track T-38s if I'm already with a heavy unit? I am a life long overachiever and the thought of not proving that I can perform at the highest level in UPT (tracking T-38s) is frustrating. Certainly, I will deal with it if I have to but I would love to have the flexibility.