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  1. @Breckey are there Guard/Reserve units flying Hueys?
  2. First off, I want to say thanks to everyone whom has contributed to this forum. Awesome resource. Second, hoping for a little help/guidance. Background: Currently a CW2 in the ARNG with 800 hours in the UH-60, (PC/AMC) looking to make the transfer to AF Reserves/ANG. I want to stay Rotary Wing; on my last deployment I did some MEDEVAC chase stuff, really enjoyed the mission. Right now I work as a Faculty Research Engineer in Ga. Have an undergrad in Mech Engineering, grad in Aeronautics, starting PhD in Mech Engineering in 2019 at the University I work for (I can defer if needed). I spoke to a reserve recruiter, basically told me to pound sand. The ANG recruiter told me my wings are not valid in the Air Force. I get it, easier to put a kid in the service than go through the hassle of an inter-service transfer. As I understand from reading the boards, I would be required to go through a commissioning source however I do not need to go through UPT, only the qual in the HH-60. Do I need to take the AFOQT/TBAS? I am wondering if it’s going to be an easier process if I direct commission in the ARNG first and then try to transfer. I haven’t seen any hiring board notices for HH-60 or CV-22, do the units not advertise/only hiring from known entities? Thanks for your time and help. On a side note, I am currently working a contract with the HH-60 Program Office. Have any of you Bros had any interaction with these guys? General impressions?
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