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  1. So what do y'alls cover letter and resume look like for UPT? I've written plenty of both, but I just want to get an idea of how or if it changes for the Military.
  2. Good to hear. Thanks all for the light kick in the ass to get back into study mode. Much appreciated.
  3. @Magic24 Good advice. Major was Comm/Poli Sci..aka didn't know wtf I wanted to do! I'm a decent pilot, study hard and work harder. I've got an explanation for my GPA, for sure. Studying steadily, but I suppose it's time to hire the expensive math tutor and not kenny from the block... @RTB; thanks. I'm not giving up...I just need a few beers tonight before I press on in the morning. Glad to hear it's been done by others. I know it has, and I know it's a good time to be gunning for it - so that helps!
  4. I need some realistic advice. I'm 26, and my College GPA matches that (2.6). Nothing I can do about that. Short explaination: I worked several jobs/owned a business (wedding photography) and plain just didn't know what I wanted to do with my life. I haven't taken the AFOQT yet (will in May), but I did take the ASTB (Active Duty US Navy Selection Test; for those unfamiliar), and got the "minimum" scores needed to move forward with the process. My real goal is the ANG or AFR, one of the points with taking the ASTB was to get Military testing experience (however, I am still hoping to get picked up for Navy Active Duty). In speaking with an USAF Officer recruiter, he said "I've never seen anyone get picked up in the USAF rated board with a 2.6 GPA." I'm studying harder for the AFOQT, but maybe am coming to realize that perhaps I just don't cut it for Military Aviation. Don't get me wrong - I'm going to study my ass off and do what I can to crush the AFOQT, but I'm having a rough time with the math, even with a tutor. I will have my PPL within the coming weeks (wx permitting). I have plenty of leadership and volunteer on my resume. I've met with the Chief Pilot of the Unit I'm hoping to join, and know two other pilots there. Bottom line - do I need to score damn near the top to even have a shot at earning a slot with a 2.6 GPA (non-technical degree)? If you can tell, I'm rambling because I'm a little discouraged at the moment. I'm looking for honesty, so don't worry about hurting my feelings. Thanks.
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