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  1. Yea, it seems it really varies. The squadron(s) I am particularly interested in are big on the PCSM score..I think with some study practice with the math stuff I could get my AFOQT up to a more competitive level.
  2. Hello Baseops, I was trying to get a feel for what a decent PCSM score looks like in the current Reserve/ANG hiring environment. AFOQT 75 for both Pilot and Nav, 127 or so hours flying time (have PPL, some XC time built up and 1/4 of the way through instrument training; working towards CSEL rating and maybe becoming a CFI while I work to get selected by a squadron and get to go to UPT). Current PCSM 69; I have another chance to take the AFOQT and I think I can raise it if I get some math tutoring help...I was able to find information about previous years on some forums somewhere and as I
  3. I know a bit about how the two differ, but what about getting in? I know that the ANG in particular seems to like to hire from within, but how does one get hired into the guard as a pilot off the street? I have about four units (mostly KC135) in the west and northwestern U.S. that I'd like to shoot for but I see a bit of a roadblock in trying to get in to the guard when you're not from the unit. I guess the answer is "be a good dude" and do the best you can, but can it realistically be done if you're not from that unit?
  4. Friend of a friend. It was a great adventure but very challenging mentally. It's hard to break into that industry if you don't know anybody who owns or runs a boat. Also keep in mind many (though not all) people who are in that industry do it because life has given them no other choice. You will be in a small space with some potentially very unpredictable people for weeks or months.
  5. Noted. Thank you, I have full intentions of graduating with as strong of a GPA as possible. I didn't know how early was to early to begin applying.
  6. Currently trying to build a competitive résumé to be a pilot in the Reserve or Guard. I want to be ready to interview about a year from now. I want to fly heavies. I grew up around heavy pilots and always looked up to those guys. I have a good mentor that has made a career as a USAF pilot but it always helps to hear from other sources like this one as well. I have read extensively in the forums on this site and have found them very helpful. I want to fly because flying itself is very fun as well as challenging, I like being in environments with high expectations and I like being around people
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