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  1. It was explained to me that the TS just needs to be submitted and you’ll have to be in some Interim status while at UPT. Clearances are backed up and you probably won’t have a TS approved while at UPT, is what I was told.
  2. There doesn’t seem to be any formula for an ETA with NGB. Heard many different wait times...
  3. Had an age waiver approved recently through NGB. Not sure why more units don’t want to pursue them, other than the extra time but it really only added a few months to my process, and believe it could be done in less time. If you have any more specific questions hit me up.
  4. Guard/Prior July 2016: Interview (Alternate candidate) January 2017: Primary candidate/hired April 2017: FC1 (Approved 3 weeks later) August 2017: Age Waiver approved October 2017: Package approved (Got dates 2 weeks later) January 2018: TFOT April 2018: UPT Columbus
  5. Had mine 3 months after hire, but like you said I've heard varying accounts of timelines for all points in the process. They really seem to just pull them from out of the air.
  6. Your flying class 1 physical is this coming October... granted you pass, then your package will go through the bureaucratic approval process, then some months later you'll get these other dates and go to training. And stuff just takes a long time and they are always backed up, patience will be required.
  7. Yeah no hidden figures, and something else. Lots of info on this in other threads. I was happy to not see hidden figures on my exam, I could not see those damn things no matter how much I practiced haha
  8. It's not preferred, but never self disqualify. Just apply, and elevate the great aspects of your package. I wasn't able to apply until I was 28, and got picked up. It happens, and limited units will exercise exception to policy for age, but you wanna get hired asap.
  9. Apply to places you want to live, or airframes you would like to fly. But if you have the means, invest time in visiting units to see if you like it, and it shows them who you are. But I'd err on the side of applying everywhere, especially if becoming a pilot is your goal. It is a numbers game; with your age, units are likely going to shy away. So be persistent and get those apps out asap!
  10. Congrats! My immediate thought is no, because I commute to drill and am offered a hotel/barracks since I live far away. I would say that it may be possible to count the time you're up there retroactively as drill days. Ask you poc about doing RDs for enlisting and in-processing. -Not an expert
  11. Don't self disqualify and apply to as many units as possible, let them decide if your numbers are too low. Time is your biggest enemy, and in my experience many units did not want to explore age waivers. I was 28 when I was eligible to apply, and my options were limited because of that. Your scores aren't blowing me out of the water but they aren't bad by any means. Good luck!
  12. I wondered that too, but every time I resubmitted with updated hours they were right on "projection" scale.
  13. I took my TBAS on a Monday and had the score populated on their website by Wednesday.
  14. 1) Do well on TBAS. 2) Apply quickly and often. 3) Practice interview Q&A.
  15. Supposedly FC1 does not have to be completed prior to submittal up to NGB. Had 2 guys at WPAFB with me getting FC1, who already had approved package from NGB, and were weeks away from TFOT commencing.
  16. Thanks! I am trying to get in anywhere really. Most units say I look good on paper, but the age, and not having my degree finished scare half of them off. I am visiting a couple of Ohio units soon. We'll see how it goes. Fingers crossed for age waivers! Who selected you? What airframe? What is the time between your interview, and starting UPT?
  17. There's no more hidden figures. The Leadership Scenario, I am not sure I have any advice, because I don't know what the right answers are. Felt like choosing between multiple bad options, and deciding which one was better. Try to align your answers with what you think the AF would want from their leaders I suppose is the obvious answer. Hope this helps...Good Luck!
  18. My ultimate goal is to become a mobility pilot with an ANG unit, but am open to the AFRES, and lastly AD. Here are my stats: P/N: 93/93 PCSM: 71 Hours: 36(w/ solo endorsement) Prior Service(6yr AD, 3yr Res) 3.43 Grad end of year w/ BA 20% VA Disability: GERD(no meds, diet controlled), Tinnitus(Rgt ear, only around loud noises, doesn't effect me in the cockpit currently) Age: 28, but non-commissioned and I'll be 30yo in SEP2017 What are my chances?
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