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  1. I'd sell my wife for $100k
  2. So I called them again (different shoe answered) and asked him to explain the JTR chapter 6 para 5434..."adequete" for a family of 5. Needless to say I got my non A.
  3. I'm PCSing soon and TLF only has 1 bedroom available. They claim that my family of 5 will fit because they have an air mattress for us to use (free of charge). I asked for a non A but was denied. Does anyone know where the new JTR will tell me if it is my right to get a non A? If no non A is given can I still get reimbursed $60 a day for finding a better place? I'd be happy to pay a little out of pocket to not give Air Force inns my business. Sent from my iPad using Baseops Network Forums
  4. gonefishin

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    Pretty darn good
  5. gonefishin

    No more off base TDY reimbursement

    JTR reference
  6. gonefishin

    No more off base TDY reimbursement

    Where did you find that?
  7. gonefishin

    General assignments questions

    I was told months ago that I was released. I flew C-130s.
  8. gonefishin

    General assignments questions

    I've been released back to MAF. We will see what happens now
  9. What is going on with the mandatory on base at Holloman for RPA students? Is this still going on? Is there a way to live off base?