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  1. Appreciate the response. It sucks because in reality I don’t have a lot of time. I’m 26, but some of these units that post their boards require being hired before the age of 27. Currently one of the tanker units has this requirement. I think I’ll wait it out in the next 6 months and apply only to Gaurd units.
  2. I’m currently enlisted in the ANG. I Have all my tests done, bachelors degree, ready to apply to guard units. I’m currently in contact with a reserve recruiter for an unsponsored board. My question is, can I get hired unsponsored, and in the time frame of waiting to go to OTS, interview and get hired by a Gaurd Unit and take the Gaurd route instead? My basis for this is I’m 26 years old and I want to get the ball rolling on getting into UPT. I really want fighters and plan on sending my package to both Wisconsin and Minnesota or whatever unit has a hiring board in the next few months. Should I wait to go unsponsored until I hear back from these units or other Gaurd units, or just go ahead and get unsponsored and still interview at Gaurd units? Thanks