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  1. Hey Guys - read through this thread and several others and have a few questions... I was recently hired as a off the street civilian for UPT at a guard unit. I currently work for a Fortune 500 company and was wondering when the best time to inform them of my future service and the process for going on leave for OTS, UPT etc. Should I wait until my package is through the NGB/ after FC1 when I get my class dates? Thanks for any and all replies.. This site has been a great resource throughout my application process.
  2. Good Afternoon Gents, I am set to take the AFOQT for the first time this Tuesday at a local AFROTC Det and was just informed that this will be the last time the AFOQT Series S will be administered. After this test date, all future tests will be the Series T. Does anyone know what the difference will be between the Series S and Series T? Is it a whole new test with a different format and subtest structure? WIll there be substantial differences between the two? I am seeking guidance on this because in the event of a retest, I wouldn't want to take a test that is a completely different from the first test that I had taken. Thanks in advance for all the help with this guys.
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