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  1. I haven't seen any RPA guys get anything but bombers for follow ons. I do have an MC-12 guy in my pit class getting spun up for IFF to eventually go F-16s.
  2. I must be missing something. General Welsh is saying the LRSB will replace the B-2 before the B-1 and B-52?
  3. I dropped B-2s from UPT a few weeks ago and understand I will be a 38 IP for 1-2 yrs. I was wondering if anyone can speak to manning in the 394th CTS, the amount of hours a new guy could get in the 38, and what variables determine when you get to start B-2 training. I've heard VSP's have taken a lot of the 38 IPs- wondering if that's true. Any other info or lifestyle suggestions would be great. My family is planning on getting a house in Warrensburg. Good idea?
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