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    Squadron Officer School Credit for ERAU?

    In 2012, SOS counted as one of my electives (“XASCI GRTE Aero Sci Elective”). ACSC will give you another 3 credits that are more specific (“ASCI 644 Intgrtd Logistics in Avia Mgmt”), but ultimately still counted as an elective for me since that course wasn’t in my degree plan. Nunya’s advice is great too. I used the ACE guide to help my research on this topic because it’s what the registrar at ERAU uses. Search for any other USAF courses you took to see what’s recommended for accreditation.
  2. Bryanhg007

    Info on Ramstein AB, Germany

    Any insight to how the OHA/BAH and utility allowance works at Ramstein? I've heard that you only get paid the amount of your rent, but that the utilities is a flat rate. Any truth to this? Or is it like in the states where we get a flat BAH rate and you can either rent cheap and save some money, or be paying out of pocket. The .gov website says it's around $1850 for OHA and $950 for utilities for a married LT. I'm just wondering if those are the maximums they'll pay you depending on your rental contract or if I should assume a $2800 BAH type payment each month? Thanks for any advice!