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  1. Thread revival: I'm getting married in a few months and want to make as much money as possible off of ASBC. Any suggestions on how to do that (drive instead of fly, etc)?

    Also, several people have said they made $3,000 at ABSC. The entire per diem listed on the Maxwell website is $54 per day ($27 each for food and lodging) which when multiplied by 40 (number of days at Maxwell) only amounts to $2160. Where's the extra money come from??


    You can get up to $250/month (I think that's the amount) for family separation allowance, then whatever travel expenses you incur. It's been a while since i've been so my info may be dated.

  2. It looks a like a good friend of mine is going to get screwed over on her move.

    Basically our ROTC det stops doing ANYTHING the day after we graduate. She has already entered active duty, is currently TDY enroute at ASBC on her way to Minot.

    She hasn't talked to TMO or anything about moving. All of her stuff is in storage in Illinois. Is it too late for her to call up TMO to get a partial dity rolling? She has a bunch of furniture and highly doubts she could pull off a full dity...She will have about a two day lay over between finishing up ASBC and starting her track to Minot (she graduates ASBC in about 5 weeks).

    Is she going to get hosed?

    She shouldn't...i'm at a tech school with mostly TDY enroute dudes and half of them just started the partial DITY process a week or two ago, and we graduate Nov 4. That said, it's TMO so anything's possible. I'm not sure of any particulars, but all the folks that are doing it here (Keesler) aren't having too much of a problem that i'm aware of.

  3. PACMAN meet ATARI. ATARI started the video game revolution that has occupied so much of my time, I'm sure I can measure it in months.

    From Pacman to Call of Duty, man what a journey.

    Along the same lines, my dad had this when I was a kid and I loved it!

  4. Having spent some time with the Marines, I think that phrase needs to be sh*t canned. It becomes the justification for stealing sh*t. Multiple times I saw guys get caught walking off with other people's property. Their response? "Gear adrift..." Maybe its meant as a warning, but its become an excuse.

    Rather than aim to create a culture where everyone is paranoid, there should be a reasonable expectation that you can leave your stuff lying around and it should be there (or someplace safer) when you get back. Violators should get their asses beat. Then, if people apply some common sense to protect themselves, you have a system that works.

    "Gear adrift" is a copout for all but that last step.


    By the way, i'm not a proponent for that saying whatsoever, but it seemed to be a recurring theme in my corner of the world when I was in the Marines. Totally agree with you and Hueypilot on people being a douche if you take someone's stuff...no matter what the occasion.

  5. We had an unwritten rule in the Corps :

    If an item is valuable enough to you that you wouldn't shitcan it or throw it overboard... lock it up, don't let it out of your sight, or leave it at home.

    Gear adrift...gear a gift

    I had taken off my flight suit to do some work while I was in the sandbox a while back...said flight suit had my wallet and digital camera in it. I had set it in a corner in one of the buildings we were working in and set off to work...came back and wallet and camera were gone. Got the wallet back the next day, but the camera was gone for good...stupid TCNs...lesson learned!

  6. Our sq has been using the those IO Magic 12GB & 8GB gigabank hard drives and were told by our base comm that they were ok to use...just as long as it was bought & issued to you by your unit. They said the same thing...if its spins, its good (if it was issued to you).

    Oh yeah, I've already had one shit on me. I used it for about 5 months.

    I'm at the same base, so i'll have to check it out.

  7. WRT the thumb drive issue, has anyone AF-side had luck with the small USB hard drives? Several of the offices down here that needed to do a lot of data transfer/backup found 2" USB hard drives to use since the ban on the Navy side apparently said "flash" drives so as long as it had a spinning magnetic part it was blessed by the computer folks.

    I just got an IO Magic Gigabank portable HDD from my boss. Sounds like a sweet deal, but apparently you still can't plug it into your computer and then plug it into a .mil computer. I don't know how they would know if you did, but seems legit to my pea brain.

  8. Yes Yes.

    Curious though. Our commander now is a former eagle driver. Very well respected and would go out of his way for anyone in the det. Everyone says if you wanna fly make sure he knows about it because he will do his best to help you out.

    So what happens when he leaves after our current classe's 200 yr. Are we at the mercy of a new commander who could potentially shit shaft us on what we are gunning for?

    More or less, you are. Hopefully, your current commander will relay his rankings/thoughts on the different cadets and the new guy will go with that. But there is always the possibility that the new guy will totally disregard the old commander's opinion and do his own thing

    This happens all the time in ROTC and in the real AF. You just have to roll with the punches and figure out what the new commander likes/dislikes.

  9. Does anybody know if we can carpool to IFS? I was planning on riding with a bro from AMS but one of my friends who just graduated a class or two ago said this is a bad idea. He carpooled and said if he hadn't gotten lucky and finished the same day as his ride they were going to make his ride leave and force him to buy a plane ticket home?...sounds ridiculous to me and I'd rather not drive my poor guardbum Honda out there.

    I carpooled with my buddy when I went up there. Yeah, it was a risk at the end, but it worked out great for me. They seemed like they would work with us if one of us got done first.

  10. Originally I posted the thread just to maximize my potential for success by exploring every available opportunity. In my mind, since the kids on scholarship incur a commitment the minute they take the money (even if freshman year), and since I'm about to take my 100 & 200 without a commitment, it was semi-logical to assume that if I didn't receive aid for my 300 year, maybe I wouldn't have to commit. Once butters said too bad so sad, I wanted to find out why. Because once you find out why something is the way it is, you might be able to circumvent that problem. But only by knowing your obstacle, can you get around it.

    Fair enough...I always like to find out the nuts and bolts of why things are the way they are, when I can. Sometimes you never find out. This may be one of those times; but more power to you if you do!

    Call me a weasel, but if you ain't cheatin, you ain't trying. Any and every leg up I can get on the "competition" I will, as long as it is just and moral. Lots of people got mad at me for Force Shaping out before my commitment was up. I look at them as not striking while the iron was hot. Uncle Sam taught me that there is ALWAYS a way to accomplish something you want to do, as long as you; A.) ask the right question & B.) ask the right person. My cadre taught me some important lessons that didn't always jive with normal AF rhetoric. There is always an objective to accomplish. There is always the Air Forces way to do things, and all the other ways. Just because your way wasn't the "Right way" doesn't make it wrong. Accomplish the task via whatever means possible, because in the end you and your team goes home.

    If there was some magic way to find out if I could get a rated UPT slot with before incurring a commitment, you bet your sweet cheeks I would jump on it. If anyone here says otherwise, they're lying to you.

    "The object of war is not to die for your country but to make the other bastard die for his."

    I would have as well, but still would have signed my life away (again) had I not got it. This may be something you have to ask the folks at Maxwell.

  11. See when you compare it to OTS it then makes complete sense, as I would be receiving no extra incentive. But i'm not applying to OTS, i'd be applying to ROTC. Without getting into a pissing match ROTC is a rather significant chunk of time, and you got paid to attend OTS. Apples should be compared to apples. The average ROTC stident will receive 15k in scholarship per year and as such, owes 4 years service to pay back their debt. I would not be accepting that money because I don't need it, so incurring the same contract seems odd. it is what it is, so I will do it, but again why is it this way? butters answered it pretty well though.

    I'm not pursuing ROTC so I can have great AF pay and benefits, they are fine and all, but not that great, i'd be taking a pay cut as is. I would be doing it because I genuinely enjoyed serving and if I can get the opportunity to fly and make a difference as opposed to flying civilians as a glorified bus driver i'd love it.

    While I appreciate your sentiment about bucking the system, it seems like it boils down to whether you want to commission to be a pilot, then an officer or to be an officer, then a pilot.

    Everyone who applies for a pilot/nav/abm slot in ROTC knows that there is a chance that they won't get it. You don't even find out whether you got it until spring break or so during your 300 year (as I recall). I would consider myself an average ROTC dude who wanted to be an officer and also wanted to be a pilot and I didn't get any scholarship or anything while I was in ROTC. As it turns out, I received a pilot slot, but even if I hadn't (I can't be a pilot) I would still have served as an officer until they kicked me out.

    I'm just trying to figure out why this a problem for you...you sound like you want to be an officer no matter what job you get, but in the back of your mind, there's doubt if you don't get an active duty pilot slot. Just wondering.

  12. From CAFB they are saying we get 1 day official travel and 3 days permissive. Staying with buds along the way/way back is gonna help, instead of paying lodging costs out of pocket, but how exactly they are paying the mileage to us isn't quite clarified. As in, if I'm going to Albuquerque in the 3 permissive days, and then driving up from Albuquerque to Pueblo on the day before IFS begins, will they end up paying mileage only for that leg of the trip, or will mileage be from CAFB to Pueblo.

    It makes a difference in how I'll end up spacing the trip out, and whether or not I will even have claims up to the cost of the plane ticket. If they are paying the full mileage, that alone is enough to bring the cost equal to the plane ticket, but if not, I might be holding on to alot of other receipts to try to get reimbursed.

    When I went last year (6 weeks), I was "allowed" 1 day of travel per my orders from Dyess to Pueblo. I took 2 and there was no problem. You're allowed 350/400 miles (can't remember which one) for a travel day by car. I had no problems claiming 2 days of travel and neither did my buddy I went with who came from Pensacola. Hope that helps just a little.

  13. I would say the responsibility of learning to safely and efficiently operate a multi-million dollar aircraft is pretty "big". Just because USAF 2d Lt student pilots dont lead platoons, doesn't make them anything CLOSE to a 1-striper in terms of the responsibility placed on their shoulders.

    And Boom, thanks for "Capt Obvious" remark. A 2d Lt has alot to learn???? Duh!


    I agree in theory, but there is something that gives enlisted types the impression that AF 2LTs aren't quite as capable and don't deserve as much respect as, say a Capt or Maj. Maybe it's ignorance on their part and/or maybe it's stupidity on 2LT's part, I don't know.

    I don't think any student pilot in any branch of the military leads platoons/flights/whatever while in training, but in the Marines, the pilots (after pilot training) not only fly, but they are in charge of entire mx shops (we had close to 100 folks in mine) (JarheadBoom clarify where needed) whereas AF 2LTs out of training aren't in charge of a whole lot that i'm aware of.

  14. Expecting a brand spanking new 2Lt with absolutely no experiance or knowledge to some how have "respect" spanked to him for his rank is retarded. While yes customs and curtosy should always be applied, new Lts should understand their role as sponges they got alot of catching up to do. Im not saying we should be totally disreguarded but to some degree our treatment is warrented.

    2 on spelling.

    As a 2lt, it's about respecting the rank, not necessarily the person. While I don't expect a Master Sergeant to "respect" me because of my vast amount of experience (sarcasm), I do expect them to extend the proper customs and courtesies to respect the rank that I have achieved. I will, in turn, extend them the proper respect that they deserve for the rank that they have achieved. And while I will concede that many have f-d it up for the rest of us, I don't think this treatment you speak of is warranted whatsoever.

    I haven't experienced that too much where i'm at...it's more of a salute and their face says, "yeah, what's up dude".

    Back on topic, blues monday seems to be hit or miss here. I could wear ABUs and not get in trouble...and i'm ok with that!

  15. are cadets that are going to the new field training able to earn the m16 marksmanship ribbon now??

    It is the same ribbon that you get when you qualify w/ the M-9, with a star on it to denote the fact that you received both that and M-16 qualification.

    That would be pretty sweet (in my book) if yall got to qualify with the M-16.

  16. I'll throw in my 2 cents here...

    You can absolutely work and do ROTC at the same time! I worked full time, was married and had a kid while I was in ROTC. Our ROTC schedule dictated that I work weekends with 2 nonconsecutive days off during the week (helps to have a boss named Mr. Perot). It's tough, but as long as you can manage your time wisely and not overload yourself, you'll do just fine.

    You also might want to mention the fact that you have to work to your commander. Hopefully he/she will be understanding of your situation and keep that in mind when you don't go to every recruiting event or every other little thing within the det.

  17. I think you are reffering to Secret Access: Air Force One on the History Channel. It was on again tonight.

    I think that's it...they show it every so often. Like c17wannabe, I would like to apply for them one day also. I gotta make it through UPT first!

    Was anyone else on here in the 89th that we could glean some information from?

  18. Were you injured in your ankles? Did you have the braces in your shoes the recommend? Is there any way your injury could have been prevented or is it just pure luck when these things happen?

    I don't know about davidg, but I rolled my ankle at Marine OCS and it didn't heal very quickly so they gave me the boot. I suppose you can do alot to prevent injuries at OCS, but you are constantly running on gravel roads, in the mud and up and down the hills in Virginia so something will usually give no matter what you do to prevent it.

  19. I actually heard the exact opposite. Most of the people that get OSI are on AD already. Very few slots come from ROTC or the academy.

    I know that there are less than a dozen slots for OSI in a given year for the whole of ROTC. A girl at my det got one a few years back and she had to go interview with an OSI Detachment and do an internship with them the year before she commissioned. I hear that if you don't do that, you can bet that OSI is not in your future (for ROTC).

  20. This has been talked about a lot.

    1. Slower paced: think self paced (more or less) vice cramming it down your throat

    2. They do do casual, and go to IFS when there is a class opening along with other UPT base-bound folks

    3. About 1 in 4 chance of getting it (4 UPT bases)...maybe less (could be off, someone correct me if I'm wrong)

    I put Whiting as number 1 and got Laughlin.

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