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  1. Laughlin AFB info

    Looks like I'm headed to Laughlin in October... Is base family housing really that bad? I'm going to be a stud but all this talk about mold and kids getting sick doesn't make me feel comfortable bringing my wife & kid.
  2. Good military/aviation books

    Thanks for the heads up! Great series...
  3. Aviator's Joke of the Day

    How do you know when there's a pilot at a party? He'll tell you
  4. Two Planes Collide Over Wi. Everybody made it out.

    Amazing. Wonder if any of them had a GoPro on...I can't believe they all survived a midair at 12000
  5. Good military/aviation books

    Yellow Green Beret vol 3 is free right now on Amazon Kindle
  6. Wisdom teeth and WP FC1

    I didn't want to take any chances since I'm applying to November board (Reserve applicant here) so I scheduled it for tomorrow to yank all four out. I don't have the time to wait for dental to go through after my initial FC1, so hopefully there will not be any issues. Thanks all for help.
  7. Wisdom teeth and WP FC1

    What's the deal with wisdom teeth at WP for FC1? I have 3 impacted according to my civilian dentist and he suggests removing them. None of them are bothering me at all, but I read on here that wisdom teeth are no go for FC1 at Brooks. I'm guessing it's still the same at WP? I have my FC1 scheduled in two weeks which is not enough time to get them pulled. How long does it take for them to clear your FC1 after you get them removed?