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  1. I'm about to retire at the end of the month. Off the top of your head, can you remember anything that you had to sign up for in terms of benefits that was time critical? Anything you would have done differently or forgot to do? Thanks and happy holidays
  2. I separated active duty (12 yrs), went guard in 2014, and may retire at the end of the yr. I did not initially file for disability because I thought it would hurt my chances getting picked up with a unit or transferring units if I had a rating (WRONG). So I am filing right now. Went in for my initial appointment and he said since it has been over a year from active duty I am required to provide NEXUS statements for everything in my active duty medical records. I thought those were black and white? Has anyone filed after the year point of separating from active duty and had to do that? Any issues you ran into or key wording I should ensure the doc puts in there? thanks
  3. Agreed, but strictly related to the former, was told it can be a hold up trying to palace Chase and when the units are full and/or need to downsize, the first individuals they will look at are ones with ratings. But doubt it will ever happen
  4. I know they can see them. And it's totally their discretion on whether or not to keep you retained due to them
  5. Nope. I have a buddy actively flying vipers and he is like 60%, heard of an IFF guy still flying with 90% and parks in the disabled parking spot.
  6. the one and only. and my adopted uncle is scooter, think you met him at the last 4477th gathering. if you come out to Luke for any work give me a buzz, we can go grab a beer
  7. This is a shameless plug for a team I am a part of called US Military Endurance sports. I fly with a lot of guys who I later find out are sports enthusiasts and have never heard of our group. One of the immediate benefits of being part of the team are the discounts such as: -52.5% off Rudy Project -50% off Honey Stinger -40% of Schwalbe tubes and tires -50% off Orange Seal (better than Stans) -50% off Black Diamond (winter is coming!) -20% off Scott bikes Im just highlighting the title sponsors but we have over 30 that offer amazing deals to members. Also there are focus events around the country the team pays for such as the Hincapie Gran Fondo, a race reimbursement program, and highly discounted training camps throughout the year (our next one is in March in Tucson). We have coaches and nutritionists on staff as well as regular webinars on everything from training to diets. If you decide to join please let the staff know I referred you and they will expedite the app and I can get you on the internal FB page as well as some other member only sites. Let me know if you have any questions Bart Boma
  8. Good thing I decided to check my email this quarter, haha. Anyone else get something similar? They are rectifying records over 7 years old, really????? Like someone would falsify an AAD? YGBSM. Anyway, just posting to check your records so you get credit for the "hard" work you put in to get your degree. ------------------ Sir, Our office is currently reviewing records for officers. This is a notification that your official transcripts were never received after the degree award date from TUI University. This degree was originally updated via a temp update, based on a letter from the registrar, which you would have requested dated 29 Sep 09. This degree will be removed from your records after 90 days if transcripts are not received. To correct this: IAW: AFI 36-2305 Para 4.1 Officer Updates. In order to update academic records in MilPDS, we need official degree documentation (transcripts) sent directly from the university to: AFIT Academic Coding Branch 2950 Hobson Way WPAFB OH, 45433-7765 Official e-transcripts sent directly from the school may be sent to afit.coding@afit.edu We cannot accept diplomas, faxes, photocopies, student scanned e-mail copies, unofficial or opened issued to student transcripts. ***If you have sealed copies of your transcripts, we can accept those from you. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery and processing of traditional mail (We only receive mail from the base postal center on Wednesday and Friday). Overnight post and email runs 1 week for processing. The individual will notice the update in CDB in vMPF within 24 hrs of processing. (We do not make real time updates to AMS SURF or AFVEC, it may take up to 30 days for the change to flow to other systems.) If delivery confirmation is required, utilize certified mail, FED EX, UPS or Express Mail.
  9. Too many people are cowards these days in regards to the punishment they deal out during their command. In this case, and as with the case when I received similar punishment for a minor infraction that could have been dealt with by means of a verbal counseling, the theme is "I have to hand out paperwork or I risk getting fired under the condition of not leading my people and failure to command." I'm sorry but handing out LOCs/LORs isn't commanding, it is not leading your people. It is simple covering your ass and not having the fortitude to stand up for your actions if you truly believe they are the right punishment for the crime. If you truly believe the punishment shouldn't be handed out, then dispense with the speech that includes "well this gets tossed out in six months so it really doesn't matter." Why waste both of our time then?
  10. Exactly what everyone thinks...then an army guard food joint owner calls the wg/cc because he sees said SRO having a beer with his buds is when the shit hits the fan and why I'd love to know the real answer. I love being a monkey shit repellent for people, just need the right rain coat.
  11. the situation already happened to someone, so asking as ammo, but thanks mom.
  12. Way back when I was an LT someone in our lunch push group produced a reg that said it was ok to have up to two drinks during your duty day at lunch or something. Anyone know of such a thing?
  13. that's why I have yet to file a claim
  14. When I separated from active duty I received a DD214 and know I have the right to file a disability claim for anything in my medical record while on active duty. I also received one for my last deployment and will do the same when I retire from the guard. My question is, can anything that happens during AT/AFTP/drill go on my disability form as well? Or is it just for extended active duty/mobilization i.e. deployments? If I never deploy again and missed getting something in my medical record am I pretty much hosed? thanks
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