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  1. Amazing father, husband, friend and the best fighter pilot I have ever met. Just blessed all around. I'm blessed to have known him and flown with him. Rest easy bro Nickel on the grass...
  2. Steve, Any available for the bros up in Alaska at the 90th? -Honcho
  3. Crucify them if you want to but these guy were good guys! I trained/flew with many of them and I know they are great pilots. Everyone has made terrible decisions and had regrets for what they have done. That doesn't excuse the fact that they served as fighter pilot during a hostile time and caused harm to the enemy when we were counting on them. War has many different facets they all have a part. appreciate them. -Danakonda
  4. whoa. My apologies. I truly wasn't meaning to offend anyone and I have tremendous respect for the IPs that trained me. That jab was pointless. The point was not to show up and show any sense of entitlement. As mentioned before, just be a bro.
  5. Valid questions you ask. As a recent UPT grad here are my thoughts: Be a bro- Don't try and shine your own ass. If you can help a classmate out with some random GK type stuff or how to fly formation or how to properly open a beer with your teeth (valuable lesson I learned), do it. The next time you have a question your bros should pay it back. There might be classmates that wait for the opportune moments to "be a bro" while commanders are watching, but commanders can see through that crap. Have goals- more like have realistic goals. Don't show up day 1 and say "I'm here to fly an F-XX." That may be your personal goal (and thats all good) but know your place. IPs might take offense if you show up acting like billy badass (probably because they wanted fighters and it wasn't in the stars for them). I would set goals for each phase and it kept me focused (Eg. 100% on Tests, T-1/-38 at Track select, Fighter/Bomber/etc on assignment night). Study all the time- Ok not ALL the time but for me, whether i knew the info or not I was engaged Sunday afternoon through Friday afternoon. Study every manual or T.O. you can and when you know it forward and backward, reread it. Just do anything to stay engaged. Now from Friday afternoon until Sunday after church I never touched a book (just to keep me sane). I hope this might shed some light on the subject, those are just a couple of things that helped me.
  6. 10-12 T-38s: 2x F-15E F-22 B-1B U-28 C-17 McChord Toners- A ton of C-17s
  7. It is waiverable for FCII and FCIII so I am still crossing my fingers. I dont really show any symptoms for the condition but I had a biopsy taken by chance and it showed i might have this condition. My UPT date just got moved up and I was wondering if this would push the waiver more than normal or if dropping back a few classes was probable? Thanks for the help
  8. I recently found out i need to pursue a waver before starting UPT in a couple months. I have heard and read so many different things I am confused out of my mind. The flight doc told me the other day my condition according to the Waiver Guide is "unwaiverable" but that doesnt count me out. He explained the guide is just a reference for flight docs alike and not an official regulation. My flight commander told me just yesterday that AETC hands out waivers to upt casual LTs all the time. My UPT date just got moved up and I am really in a rush to figure this stuff out. Does anyone have an idea how long the process takes once all paperwork is submitted? How often are "unwaiverable" conditions granted a waiver by AETC? Does the fact that I have yet to start UPT factor into the big picture? I have been to brooks and passed all FC1/MFS stuff, does that improve my chances of being granted a waiver? Any info would be much appreciated.
  9. I was diagnosed two days ago that I have Eosinophilic Esophagitis (E.E.). I am currently a casual Lt starting pilot training in aboput 6 months but have yet to go to IFS in Colorado. The flight doc interpreted the AFI as a disqualifying condition but said it could be waiverable based on the Gastroenterologist treatment recommendation. Next week I am going to visit the Gastroenterologist and would like some guidance on how to stress the outcome treatment could have on my career. I would not say my EE is severe by any means, just something I have been able to deal with for about 7 years. I have only had 3 episodes that i have been able to remedy on my own. Basically, I am just looking for a realistic outlook on obtaining a waiver and being allowed to start UPT? Any input would be appreciated. thanks
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