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  1. 2- but one good way to build confidence is to fly a little before UPT. I wouldn't waste your money going out and getting all your ratings before hand. Personally, I'd recommend getting up to 12 or so hours- maybe get 1 or 2 solo flights under your belt to build confidence. Just another opinion from a guy who spent ~$8,000 on PPL prior to UPT.
  2. Sorry to be the one to break it to ya, but the, "t-shirt... is" is the proper grammar there...
  3. in defense of that, the "middle of the nametag" is a little bit easier to work with than 3 inches...
  4. We just had our training this week; I think it was about 45 min with the CC reading pretty much the entire script... complete with vignettes
  5. Gee thanks for your help... didn't realize "silly students" couldn't ask questions... some people have worked hard and deserve better than "avoid the RPA...if you can"
  6. CBM 11-08 T-1 EC-130J (Harrisburg, PA ) Guard T-1 KC-135 McConnell x2 KC-135 Fairchild x3 KC-10 McGuire KC-135 MacDill NSA Cannon KC-135 (Lincoln, NE) Guard M-28 Cannon C-17 McChord KC-135 March (Active duty) T-38 C-17 Charleston F-15E Seymour Johnson F-16 Luke T-6 C-17 Travis Think that's all right.
  7. wondering if any Travis guys out there could update on what life is like. Are Travis guys gone as much as/more/less than other bases? (other than, PACAF... I already know that's the place to be...)
  8. word of advice for anyone else trying to work join spouse- try to get contact info for your functional/assignment officer at AFPC and keep in touch with them directly. We just found out today that the nursing staff decided to change my wife's base options (dropped 4 bases of the original 10 we were told and added 1). The frustrating part is that my commander is already working my assignment based on what we were told last a few months ago. Luckily we e-mailed the AO directly and then she gave us the update...
  9. yeah, the told me I would be exempt for PT my freshman year for playing intercollegiate soccer... once I got there, they didn't approve it... I wouldn't believe any promises like that. Remember, they're kinda like recruiters when they're trying to lure you in.
  10. dude, 1.5 hours away is super far- I'd just try OTS. Those 0530 morning show times will really suck. My crosstown was 30 min away in the morning w/o traffic and up to an hour drive in the afternoon... it really sucked sometimes.
  11. jjfly


    Pretty sure you're the first person I've ever heard say that... I'm not sure what your experience was, but they've always been great w/ me and everyone I know...
  12. wanted to revive this a little and see if there's any pilot/nurse join spouse combos out there... I'm in T-1s right now, leaning towards C-21s or C-17s with Ramstein (Landstuhl for her), Travis, and Elmo as my top choices right now. I'll graduate in May, and she'll commission in May.
  13. http://www.foxnews.com/us/2010/11/17/air-force-fighter-jet-missing-alaska/ They say that the "missing plane was flying with another fighter, which also lost contact with the jet." seems odd... Prayers for the base and the families up there
  14. CBM... going off my memory- I know I'm missing a few 38 Side: F-16C x2 (1 reserve) A-10 x2 C-17 KC-10 (apparently both the C-17 and KC-10 guys here wanted heavies) T-6 FAIP T-1 side: KC-135 x3 (Fairchild, McConnell, AD to Seymour-Johnson) KC-10 C-17 x2 (one MC-12 then Travis, 1 Charleston) C-21 x3 (Ramstein, Andrews, Battle Creek) RPA x2 (Both Creech) C-5
  15. Depends- if you want to get on active duty quickly... do the gold bar. If you wanna fly quickly... don't. It's a good deal if it fits you, but it won't gaurentee that you don't have some casual time when you get to P'cola. It'll limit the time but won't necessarily cut it out completely.
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