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  1. That was my plan. I thought the AFI said you can break up PTDY. I was going to do Tu,W,Th for multiple weeks to cover possible interviews. I’m also under the impression you can’t work while on PTDY, but you can be interviewing
  2. Question for everyone smarter than me: I am under my last year of AD service. I have 60 days saved, expecting 20 more between beginning of FY20 and 1 June 2020, then add 20 PTDY. I plan on taking the 20 days PTDY spread out in 3 day chunks mid-week, every other week just because. My question is for the remaining 80 day period. If 1June 2020 (retirement date) is on a Monday, do I have to take leave the Sat and Sun prior, or can I just return from leave on Friday and use those 2 extra days somewhere else? TIA
  3. For the masses. I’m currently AD with almost 19 years (prior-E). C-17 background and currently flying the T-1. I’d like to continue to serve in a part-time capacity. Does anyone have any idea of how successful someone would be making the transition to the Guard/Reserves, with that much time in. I’d prefer a C-17 unit, but would accept any job, if/when I’m hired by the airlines. 2nd option: Completing 20 years AD, then going Guard/Reserves? thanks in advance
  4. No commitment. I changed ADSC to read zero due to note 1b. Called AFPC with the reg and got confirmation. Never qual’d in the T-1 beforehand. I also PCS’d before PIT so started that clock early 😀. There was also a memo that came out last year that said people that went to PIT were erroneously given an ADSC.
  5. I did this. I'm 3 weeks from completing PIT. I also got a mypers case with a response that states note 1b applies. I'll be on the lookout for changes coming up
  6. 17-09 drop CBM -17 Guard -eurofighter (Saudi) -EC-130 DM -38 FAIP -17 TCM -RC-26 ANG -17 CHS -17 TCM REserves -135 Mcconnell --130J Dyess -130 nevada ANG -135 Macdill -rc-135 offut -12 Elmo -awacs tinker -T-1 FAIP -A-10 -HC-130 -f-15 SJ
  7. Columbus F-35 -135 bham -17 tcm Hc-130 patrick C-21 scott F-16 holloman C-17 tcm Cv-22 cannon T-6 cbm -135 ang -16 hmn -135 ang -130 lrf -16 hmn -17 chs -15 semour johnson what I can recall
  8. thanks, I did cancel it and got the money back. Oh well at least I got a free Stratus 2S receiver out of the signup offer.
  9. Anyone get hit with the Barclaycard annual fee $995, due to changes in their terms? I called and was informed that because I was AD prior to getting the card I don't qualify for the no annual fee but they would still honor the 0%
  10. I also changed mine to read 00 months. I'll update one i'm done with training.
  11. Herk Driver, The PCS is for the needs of my family. It will get services started again for my son than have been eliminated for the past 7 months and not expected to get services back here for a minimum of another 6 months. The T-1 is a must fill for our base so I don't mind taking it if it isn't going to extend my ADSC, which ultimately extends my retirement date.
  12. I just got a reassignment due to EFMP. Anyone have any experience with ADSC extensions? I recall reading some AFI in the past that I need a minimum of 6 months ADSC up to 24 months for a PCS. Added wrench is that I am reassigned from C-17 to T-1. I have 2 years ADSC remaining currently so by the time I would finish PIT/PCS I would have about 15 months remaining (vs 36 months when graduating PIT). Not looking to extend my commitment if I don't have too. Thanks!
  13. Thanks guineapigfury! Like a lot of people in a similar situation I debate daily on whether to jump or not. As I understand it right now the AF is conducting two boards in 2017 which would have my 2nd one meeting in March 2017 I believe (no mypers access right now). The AF and I have differing views on how best to care for my family (EFMP) so exploring all available options. Although I have thoroughly enjoyed my time flying over my career, family comes first! Thanks again for the info
  14. Question for the masses: I am coming up on 17 years (11M) (7 of that enlisted). My first Maj board just met in Jul. If I am passed over on the next board and am offered continuation, does that essentially give me an ADSC? My angle is could I put my availability date right after the 2nd board results with accepting continuation and stay AD until getting "the call"? Thanks in advance for any valuable responses!
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