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  1. That’s the way I read it as well. Hope I’m wrong.
  2. Thanks for the info. I’m definitely looking into it.
  3. Yes, we get a seniority number at the start of indoc. Thanks for the info.
  4. Awesome. Thanks everyone for the input. Definitely a couple things to consider moving forward. My employer today stated that I didn’t qualify for MLOA because I’m still active duty and thus don’t qualify for USERRA protection. Said USERRA applies to Guard/Reserves and I would have to apply for PLOA. Still sifting thru the legal stuff to see if it’s valid.
  5. My STRD is Oct 2013. My last deployment was Jan 2017, if that matters anymore.
  6. My STRD is Oct 2013. My last deployment was Jan 2017, if that matters anymore.
  7. What makes you say that, just curious? I did time at TCM, averaged 800 hours/240 days a year Gone but still enjoyed it. I’m one of those guys that after 13 years of flying I still have fun.
  8. Not sure if it’s still active but the VRRAD FAQs from 2018 says for flying positions you owe 3 years. If requal is required, it’s 48 months. Under this program, not eligible for promotion or bonus
  9. Question for the smart guys/gals that have come before me. I’m a T-1 IP at CBM. Currently on terminal leave for retirement til 31 May 2020. I have completed half of indoc at a major Air Line, before our class got sent home due to CoVid-19. I’m a prior C-17 guy and the functional said there could be a September training date available if I do withdraw my retirement paperwork. I know most are going to say I’m crazy for wanting to go back, but AETC is not for me. From what I remember is I would incur a 2 year ADSC for the PCS but not for the training, or is that still a thing. I already have a seniority number and the military liaison at said company stated going back active duty would help their cause and it wouldn’t be looked At negatively. Any good insight on gotchas I’m not thinking about? I have a seniority number, and this would possibly keep me from commuting to NYC for a couple of years since I’ll be the plug for a while with the reduction in hiring TIA
  10. That was my plan. I thought the AFI said you can break up PTDY. I was going to do Tu,W,Th for multiple weeks to cover possible interviews. I’m also under the impression you can’t work while on PTDY, but you can be interviewing
  11. Question for everyone smarter than me: I am under my last year of AD service. I have 60 days saved, expecting 20 more between beginning of FY20 and 1 June 2020, then add 20 PTDY. I plan on taking the 20 days PTDY spread out in 3 day chunks mid-week, every other week just because. My question is for the remaining 80 day period. If 1June 2020 (retirement date) is on a Monday, do I have to take leave the Sat and Sun prior, or can I just return from leave on Friday and use those 2 extra days somewhere else? TIA
  12. For the masses. I’m currently AD with almost 19 years (prior-E). C-17 background and currently flying the T-1. I’d like to continue to serve in a part-time capacity. Does anyone have any idea of how successful someone would be making the transition to the Guard/Reserves, with that much time in. I’d prefer a C-17 unit, but would accept any job, if/when I’m hired by the airlines. 2nd option: Completing 20 years AD, then going Guard/Reserves? thanks in advance
  13. No commitment. I changed ADSC to read zero due to note 1b. Called AFPC with the reg and got confirmation. Never qual’d in the T-1 beforehand. I also PCS’d before PIT so started that clock early 😀. There was also a memo that came out last year that said people that went to PIT were erroneously given an ADSC.
  14. I did this. I'm 3 weeks from completing PIT. I also got a mypers case with a response that states note 1b applies. I'll be on the lookout for changes coming up
  15. 17-09 drop CBM -17 Guard -eurofighter (Saudi) -EC-130 DM -38 FAIP -17 TCM -RC-26 ANG -17 CHS -17 TCM REserves -135 Mcconnell --130J Dyess -130 nevada ANG -135 Macdill -rc-135 offut -12 Elmo -awacs tinker -T-1 FAIP -A-10 -HC-130 -f-15 SJ
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