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  1. Great Instructor. Hands on, as required, to correct deviations in the cockpit. Charming Southern accent made it hard to ignore oral instruction.
  2. It was about 4 hrs total, 2 flights including the checkride. 1536 plus 400 for the DPE fee. I stayed at the Navy lodge 20 minutes up the road, good rooms for $80 a night. Drove over on a Tuesday, left DT at 1 o'clock on Thursday to drive home.
  3. Downtown sent out Piper Twin specific gouge and notified me well in advance (3 months). I then followed up about a week out to confirm. Big picture, the gouge will be extremely similar between the duchess and the twin Comanche, other than different V speeds and the Twin being fuel injected. I felt like the GK on day 1 was a bro check to see if I actually cared enough to study prior...they are doing a review to make sure you are indeed the knowledgeable aviator they believe you to be due to your military flying background. The ATP tabletop portion covered a diverse area of information, but
  4. I did the ATP in the Twin Comanche at Downtown Aviation. If you need recent gouge, PM me. BL - YOU WONT FEEL OVER-PREPARED walking out to the airplane, but you will be prepared. If you show up prepped, should be a smooth first day, and on the second day...you will fly the airplane to the standards of the ATP practical. If you're a semi-proficient mil pilot you SHOULDNT have anything to fret about. It was the right place to go for the money...$1950 for the ticket including the DPE fee. My prep was about 10 hours on the front end, and then 3 hours on Day 1 after the first flight.
  5. Anyone been to Downtown Aviation in Memphis lately? Looking for gouge/study guides. They've added a Piper Twin Comanche so gouge specific to that would be helpful. Please PM if you can help, thanks!
  6. Stick, I'm congratulating you for having the courage to punch despite being on the "path." You made your mind up, followed your convictions, and it worked out. You will be missed brodimir putin, take her easy.
  7. True...while I can't find anything specifically saying that VSP is a required first step (legality) in reducing forces, it seems best to think of it that way. http://www.gpo.gov/fdsys/pkg/USCODE-2011-title10/pdf/USCODE-2011-title10-subtitleA-partII-chap59-sec1175a.pdf --for anyone interested, here is the law of the land. Worth getting familiar with a few things from title 10 these days IMO.
  8. http://www.airforcetimes.com/article/20131114/BENEFITS02/311140038/Pilots-pass-up-225-000-bonuses Rut Roh...
  9. The term Gucci originates from the issued flight bags the original -10 guys (circa Barksdale/March/Seymour etc.) carried with them to the airplane. At the time...the shoe fit. From a space available reference: no glass...manual TOLD, airplanes beat to $h!t, smelled like piss and only 'hot cuz they're deployed'...a lot. Still the most comfortable military airplane I've been on, felt like an airline flight. Hate to hear this might be going...from a planner's perspective this airplane has an extraordinary ability to save CAS in the AOR. It was always the 'best' choice for the CAOC when y
  10. Last stand of the Legacy...AMC wants to divest itself of slick TFIs in 2015. An adequately vetted rumor, anyone with more insight?
  11. GC/Liquid, Another point of view. Lot of talk about that bottom 25% being easy to identify...only easy to identify given the current performance measures and reward system. Lot of folks here agree that YES, it's easy to indentify that bottom. Rethink the whole performance measurement and reward system, and the bottom 25% will change. "The people who are closest to the work, know who's doing it". -Jack Welch. As a hook, this video mentions AWC...
  12. GC This is one pilots point of view. Tracking that we should remove emotion from this discussion, but in that statement I feel we're missing something valuable. Real leaders understand that we are never dealing with individuals just evaluating this decision from a financial point of view or in black and white, even if the bean counters are just looking at money and end strength numbers. I value realism and appreciate the bean counting realism you're offering, but it's a little out of touch. If the bonus isn't the place to show appreciation for a pilot's service, then please use this pil
  13. In a previous baseops post, I argued this subject and I still maintain that the question is invalid--are you an officer or a pilot? I'm sorry, for me that's a formal fallacy. This enters me into an argument which is invalid...the premises of the question are both and always true--I am always both. The only way I can answer this question, whether pushing pallets or paper is by asking myself a higher question--am I a leader? If Yes, then I will make damn sure I am always authentically both an officer and a pilot; or, even better, have the integrity to admit when it's out of balance and co
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