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  1. Drewpey, Can you post a newer or working link for the occupational rreport? I am interested in it and can't find it anywhere on the internet. Thank you
  2. Answers to your two questions: 1. Medical Re-check Status. (per my SSgt who works at our detachment) I beleived it was Medical Reject Status until he told me I wasn't hearing him correctly and that it was re-check, not reject. 2. Trying my best to get the results ASAP. Local doctors office is not cooperating too well... Question in regards to #2: If the MRI yields an injury of some sort, does that mean I'm screwed? I looked at the file link you posted (the Air Force Waiver guide) Did a Ctrl + F (Find) for the word knee...didn't see much that pertained to me as far as I know.
  3. (please bear with the lingo and "perspective"...ROTC cadets like myself are more than an amateur in the processes and lingo of active duty) Current status: - ROTC cadet (3rd year, approaching senior year) with a rated categorization, specifically CSO 12XXX - In process of getting my flight physical scheduled...filling out the self reported inventory of what's "wrong with me" - have a current knee injury (or so i believe an injury) waiting for official doctor diagnosis of whats wrong with it, MRI has been done, waiting for results Problem: - I do not want to lose my CSO slot
  4. Pretty sure field training for this summer, 2014, has been cut short from 28 days to 22-23? What are your opinions? Is this too short? Good? Bad? I appreciate if you compare your own military training to this summers training.
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