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  1. Drewpey, Can you post a newer or working link for the occupational rreport? I am interested in it and can't find it anywhere on the internet. Thank you
  2. JBird

    Medical Disqualifiers, pre-UCSOT

    Answers to your two questions: 1. Medical Re-check Status. (per my SSgt who works at our detachment) I beleived it was Medical Reject Status until he told me I wasn't hearing him correctly and that it was re-check, not reject. 2. Trying my best to get the results ASAP. Local doctors office is not cooperating too well... Question in regards to #2: If the MRI yields an injury of some sort, does that mean I'm screwed? I looked at the file link you posted (the Air Force Waiver guide) Did a Ctrl + F (Find) for the word knee...didn't see much that pertained to me as far as I know. CAF = Combat Air Forces? because of no definitive medical results yet, the doc has only gone off my own assessment of pain. Yes, I can push through to a certain extent. I ran my PFA, an 11:45 for the run. My best was a 8:53..... Granted I was taking it easy on purpose, but my ultimate goal is to not have to run with chronic knee pain or do my duty with chronic knee pain /sustained injury. I know the difference between pushing through the normal aches and pains of physical training, but this knee thing isn't like what I've had before. never even had knee problems my whole life up until this one. If there's a defined medical problem with it, what are my chances to keeping my spot and not losing it?
  3. (please bear with the lingo and "perspective"...ROTC cadets like myself are more than an amateur in the processes and lingo of active duty) Current status: - ROTC cadet (3rd year, approaching senior year) with a rated categorization, specifically CSO 12XXX - In process of getting my flight physical scheduled...filling out the self reported inventory of what's "wrong with me" - have a current knee injury (or so i believe an injury) waiting for official doctor diagnosis of whats wrong with it, MRI has been done, waiting for results Problem: - I do not want to lose my CSO slot for something as minor as a knee injury. - possibility of going on MRS when I return for fall semester if the injury does not improve over summer Worst case scenario: - knee is injured, requires surgery and this occurs in the process of getting the goddamn flight physical. - they take note of the injury on the flight physical, and reject me as qualified to fly because that stupid shit. I brought the injury to my chain of command's attention (i don't want to shoot myself in the foot!) (or did I already?) best case scenario: - knee just needs some time to heal (no physical training for a while, rehabilitate before semester starts up in the fall again. ) - keep CSO slot, hopefully nothing else can possibly DQ me. Questions: - is MRS something to fear while obtaining this flight physical. To my understanding, you can't fly while on MRS, which would mean you can't obtain a flying physical either? - with regard only to my knee (not any other possible DQs like eye problems and shit like that) how do I eliminate the risk of losing my CSO slot due to my own reporting of this god damn knee injury. you can probably sense the frustration...it's because this was caused by something so stupid, and I would be pretty frustrated if I lost such a great job opportunity for this. Thanks for the help.
  4. Pretty sure field training for this summer, 2014, has been cut short from 28 days to 22-23? What are your opinions? Is this too short? Good? Bad? I appreciate if you compare your own military training to this summers training.