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  1. Dang. I suppose they just need ECE guys right now. Are you going for developmental engineer then (Or forced into it)?I heard there is a board that meets and allots a certain number of rated slots to current active duty officers. But at the same time I heard it's hard to switch from position to position. I'm sure you will have lots more info on this. Don't forget about the Army, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard if you are having a difficult time switching within the AF. Right now the Navy has rolling OCS board for pilot / NFO because they them really bad. So there may always be another branch that has high demand / priority for "rated" positions if the AF doesn't.
  2. I don't have exact number but a girl I know got an AFROTC pilot slot as a Computer Engineer. She was the wing commander or something like that. Not sure about her gpa / pcsm Are you still going to pursue being in a rated position down the road?
  3. When I looked through that stats page a while back. I noticed that most of the ECE and even CS majors had 3.0 and above. And nearly all of them had a PCSM over 90. Meanwhile there are also guys in non-tech majors with lower GPAs and PCSM that claim to have gotten winged. So not sure if these mean anything. Also, note that a lot of the ECE / CS guys went through the guard
  4. VFA-151 Vigilantes have the best name! And they get to paint their planes! Try topping that
  5. Head over here to check a whole list of stats. http://www.wantscheck.com/PilotSlotResources/PilotSlotStats/tabid/59/Default.aspx It was stated in the AFROTCI-2011 that Computer / Electrical engineers are welcome to compete but their chances would be reduced due to the "high accession" needs of the Air Force. This is why I'm planning to go Navy or Marines. Out of curiosity, do you think the AF would take the higher ECE GPA's for engineering and lower ones for other slots such as rated? Or do you think it would be the other way around. It makes more sense to me to do the former. But this would be like penalizing someone for hard work, unless they wanted engineering of course.
  6. Haha. I was laughing pretty hard, still laughing every time I look through this. Wouldn't they have to train the entire unit to operate and maintain the different kind of aircraft. Isin't this rather inefficient?
  7. Damn..well thanks for sharing that story. Thanks for that information. I've talked with my AFROTC det and really would have gone AF. But the I've heard that honestly the AF wants people with my major do be doing Info Warfare and Electronic engineering. Didn't want to take that risk.
  8. That guy is a Navy pilot and they made fun of him for writing this book before he ever stepped into a fighter cockpit
  9. You don't think those UPT / ENJJPT vids are funny?
  10. Nearly all the flight school videos on youtube are Air Force. Most are hilarious.
  11. But it will all pay off when you make port? .....Heard the food tastes like jet fuel. Delicious
  12. It is funny how they messed this thread up. I'm sitting here cracking up at how they trolled me. I don't think what I posted was sh!t though. And I am going Navy cause it really appealed to me. I was wondering why everyone didn't want to go Navy. The whole carrier experience seems awesome. But maybe its awesome only as long as you don't have a family and all.
  13. Dude this is my real account. I was trying to get a serious answer but all these clowns are screwing up my thread. I'm going for Navy OCS right now, but I was just wondering with the competition why the AF seems more competitive. Does anyone have a serious answers? Do most people like the whole carrier idea or not? For you guys, were the larger selection of planes and carrier-free lifestyle big factors in choosing the AF? Thanks AFNAV for giving me a serious answer.
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