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  1. Santa Fe is a much better ski area than Sandia. Sandia is very close to ABQ though. You can ride the tram from ABQ up the mountain and be skiing in 12 minutes. Santa Fe is more diverse than Sandia, with blacks and I think 2 double blacks. Sandia has runs labeled black, but nothing there really is, it is a very mellow place to ride.
  2. We also do the GX to increase our blood pressure because after your body feels G's there is a cardiac response that will help you resist more G's for the rest of the flight.
  3. Do you have any references to where you heard that congress is putting up resistance to this retirement? I'd love to read about it if you do.
  4. Thanks for the good words! You are exactly correct, improper syllabus implementation. Gotta read those regulations no matter how much it sucks.
  5. If anyone ever has any questions about an FEB, I now consider myself an expert. I was reinstated into formal training today from an FEB.
  6. Does anyone know what the flying and mission is like for the RC-26?
  7. Thanks for all the inputs. This is just about all the information I've heard from anybody about FEBs and it helps.
  8. I am facing a flight evaluation board for washing out of RTU, on of course what I feel are terms of improper syllabus implementation. If anyone has any experience or knows of anyone with any experience in dealing with a FEB please post here or contact me. Any help would be greatfully appreciated.
  9. Does anyone know if there is any sort of tuition reimbursement for student loans from the gi bill?
  10. Dude, my unit did the same thing to me so I had them get me all new BDU tops because after trying to remove the insignia you could definitely still see marks. A professional might be able to do a better job though.
  11. Dude, don't listen to any of the negative posts. I got my slot with a fighter unit without a PPL and no prior military experience. You definitely are your own salesman in this game. I do think that becoming a doctor and going through training might not sound to reasonable though, expecially prior to residency. You have to put a lot of time in the Guard to fly after training and from what I have heard, a residency is pretty freakin time consuming. [ 08. September 2006, 19:23: Message edited by: spit21fire ]
  12. I agree with the order of importance. I was selected for a FW as well, not being a member of the unit and we had other guys apply that had steller military careers. My pilot score was only 78 though and my PCSM was 91.
  13. At my unit, the 150th, it usually runs about 6 months. For us it is not a set number of days, but a curriculum that has to be finished.
  14. Well I haven't served on a board, but I did get my slot in December with a fighter squadron as a civilian with no prior military service and or interviews with anyone else. The resume is pretty important and I would reccomend finding a way to put everything on it that helps describe who you are. They are very concerned with this and whether or not you'll fit into the squadron. My unit didn't really care that I didn't have my private (50 hours though), but I've heard differently about other units. We had an entire weekend to attend for the interview process and it all boiled down to jus
  15. Just for anyone elses information, I just found out that I am getting my FC1 physical done through the local VA hospital and my Guard unit. I guess they split up the tasks between each other. Oh, and they are going to go ahead and use my hearing test from MEPS, but not the vision stuff, unfortunatly, I'll have to pass that hard ass depth perception test all over again.
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