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  1. Hi! So, Mildenhall might be our new home coming up this summer. Some questions to anyone who has ever been stationed there: What is base housing like? Do you get to "pick" which housing you're in? (meaning: I've heard that there are a total of three bases with housing available). Dave has seen Lakenheath housing (and liked it). His friend was stationed at Mildenhall. Thoughts/opinions? Obviously, I completely understand if Lakenheath peeps have first dibs on their housing over Mildenhall peeps. I JUST read that importing pets changed their rules (as of Jan 4th 2012!). Has anyone traveled with their pets overseas? I know the general gist of taking care of the animal(s), but I'm curious about the ass pain associated with traveling w/pets. Also, Anyone know how, um, "nice" the housing office is about waiving the 2-pet policy? We have three dogs... so I don't have the option of saying "Two dogs.." if I had two dogs and a cat or two. All and all: What is something you wished someone told you about moving to the UK? If you could change anything, what would it be? What did you absolutely love/hate about being over there? When we get orders (God willing they don't fall through!) I'm planning to spend NYE in Scotland! :) Thanks! Kayla
  2. The Kayla

    Fairchild AFB, WA

    We're PCSing to Fairchild in 16days (just had orders cut yesterday, I think?)! Any and all information will be accepted--what's the base like? what's the deployment temp like? etc etc etc. I fly out tomorrow to start the house hunting process woohoo!!! Thanks!
  3. The Kayla

    Fairchild AFB, WA

    Hey, you would actually be surprised.. Dave has been deployed a lot since he's been out here (roughly two 2-3mo deployments a year), and honestly? Deployments are part of his job, so you won't really hear/read me bitch about them. I was just curious, that's all. I already know he's going to be gone a lot the first year we're there, between SOS/IP and the 365 he's going on... It is what it is, no use bitching. I flew out last thursday, and bought a house by 4:30 Saturday in Eagle Ridge. I'm pretty happy and excited. The community that we bought in is pretty awesome. The neighborhood is outstanding.. and very close-knit. Dave is originally from WA, and his parents live about 1.5hrs away. So, close enough to help out, but so far that they won't be bothersome. Does anyone recommend a PCM at the base hospital for my son and myself? Also, are the PCMs good about re-referring referrals? Example: My son has a referral to see a pediatric urologist and nepherologist (kidney). Will the new PCM just hand me the new referral, or will he/she have to run their own tests to see is he warrants the referral? (I know, I'm asking a pretty specific question.. but any advice/experience will be helpful to hear so I'm better prepared). All and all, we're pretty excited about this PCS.. :)
  4. The Kayla

    First Family Readiness Center in AOR

    What will happen to the family if the member is deported out of the country for doing something as stupid as handing the agents your ID card in the wrong hand? Or slapping your ID card on the counter? Or going the wrong way through a doorway? etc etc etc. Is there going to be a culture class for spouses? So we know how to act in public, and, yes, even what is appropriate to wear? I understand that it's not Saudi and maybe not as strict, but still, we should be mindful and respectful of that culture. Well, the plus side for my family: We were medically denied England. I highly doubt we'll be authorized or medically cleared to go here. Just my $0.02 as a spouse.
  5. The Kayla

    Mass Shooting in Aurora Colorado

    To lighten the mood some.. I saw this, and thought it was fitting. On a different note, I have some non-snarky questions to ask: *Do you think the theater should change it's policy about guns not being allowed? *Do you think that the theater is partly at fault? For not having LEOs around? For not allowing CCWs? (I should add: I've been to about 10 midnight releases, and there have always been cops in the theater, so the fact that there weren't, is odd to me.)
  6. The Kayla

    Mass Shooting in Aurora Colorado

    They weren't married. He proposed to her AFTER the fact, and she said yes...
  7. The Kayla

    Mass Shooting in Aurora Colorado

    Don't forget the 4 month old that was there as well.
  8. Well, fvck. Our son's EFMP paperwork was denied. Anyone have any experience with this, or has been in this situation?
  9. Hey! I'm hoping someone can give me answers... I have a friend who's husband is going to England. She was denied medical clearance. They have a son together, who was not. She is planning on going over there regardless. I think she is under the impression that since their son is on his orders, that they will still receive everything that they normally would, except that she'll have to pay for her ticket out of pocket. 1) Will they receive dependent rate OHA? (And, how would this play in the mandatory live-on-base policy?) 2) Medical? I was under the impression that non-command sponsorships weren't allowed to use the base hospital and/or were allowed to use it, but as stand by only. (Sorry, I've heard both...) 3) BX/Commissary privies.. yea or nay? 4) Moving... Will their entire house be moved, or just a select portion of weight? Thanks!
  10. The Kayla

    Command Sponsorship vs. Non-command Sponsorship

    To make sure that you don't have a condition that the medical facility can't handle.
  11. The Kayla

    Command Sponsorship vs. Non-command Sponsorship

    Cap! That does help! The sticky part is housing... England has a mandatory live-on-base rule right now. So, would be be given a house on base or allowed to live off base?
  12. The Kayla

    RAF Lakenheath/Mildenhall info

    Are you single? Single members are the only ones who are able to get by the housing mandate... Housing/Base had a meeting at the end of May, and housing is only at 50% full, so the housing mandate is still in full force for all ranks. But, I keep hearing wives talk about how "due to our rank, we don't have to live on base..." on the FaceBook pages. So, your guess is as good as mine at this point. I had Dave try to call housing today, but he just received a busy signal.. so he's going to try again on Tuesday. I also asked our sponsors to keep an ear open about this housing cluster-fvck.
  13. The Kayla

    Dog Breed Restrictions in On-Base Housing

    I have to agree with this... I know spouses who absolutely hate pitts, and if your dog even remotely looks like a pitt, they'll call housing. Good Luck to you. We own a Rottie, and with an impending overseas move and a possible on-base mandate... we might be rehoming our amazing Rottie :-(
  14. The Kayla

    Vance AFB information

    We lived on base, and it was awesome. From Spring-mid-Fall, Dave rode his bike to work (saved money on gas). I could walk to the base pool, gym, BX, and Commissary. I really miss living on base.. I can't tell you about the updates, when we PCSed out, our house was going to get remodeled then. Pinnacle sucks ass. They are the big down side to living on base. :)
  15. The Kayla

    RAF Lakenheath/Mildenhall info

    I went to the Mildenhall/Lakenheath Spouse (club) page on FaceBook, and from what I read on there, it's for E7's and below. I went to the Lakenheath website, and it had a section for "Housing rumors" and the wing Commander addressed the rumor of making people stay on base... from the gist that I got, it was for Enlisted peeps only. Neither articles actually gave a rank, though. I only heard/read the rank on the Spouse page. Anyone know for sure?
  16. The Kayla

    RAF Lakenheath/Mildenhall info

    Hoss: Great point about moving 3x in 3yrs.. I didn't think of it like that! We have one skin-monster... I heard that schools there start at age 3? Gunnar may/may not be old enough to worry about schools and what have you (he'll be almost a year when we PCS). Dates/ages are giving me a hard time. Hell, I can hardly remember my age, let alone what year I was born in... to trying to figure out if Gunnar will be "of age" to have to worry about schools.. Oy. Oh here's a question: Thoughts/Opinions on buying a house over there? Due to us having three (LARGE) dogs... trying to find a place--ANYWHERE--is a b!tch. So, we've been kicked around the idea of just buying a house, and possibly using it as a rental property when we PCS.
  17. The Kayla

    RAF Lakenheath/Mildenhall info

    Thanks!! We plan on living off base-- for year two and three. Dave wants us to live on base the first year to adjust to living there, find a nice neighborhood, etc etc. We'll see though! :) Thank you for the info about taking SUVs... we have a Yukon, and we were just going to sell it. What are your thoughts/opinions about driving in a left seat when everything is right seated? That's our biggest worry/fear.
  18. OK, so if anyone goes to PEASE (or is at PEASE), and needs this information: The POC for EFMP is at Hanscom. You can't go to the shipyard because they don't speak "Air Force" as I was told.
  19. Kiku: Thank you for the information! Toro: I'll send the shirt an email, he is pretty good at getting back to me (I used to be the Key Spouse, so we're on first name terms!) :) I'll also call PNSY, and see what the have to say, and depending on how THAT goes, I'll call Hanscom AFB :) Rainman: Dealing with Tricare in general is a bitch. I had to deal with Tricare South... they were not much better! Oh! You guys keep saying "You need to.." "You should.." etc etc.. does the "You" go to me, or Dave? I don't want to be that spouse that oversteps boundaries and does stuff that Dave is supposed to do. Dave should be home sometime in January, but, he's on a list to PCS this summer, and he's on the list for a 365 due to his TIS---err something like that. Now, we're just in the waiting game for orders to either PCS or him to deploy for the 365.
  20. I apologize for sounding stupid for asking this: Would a Guard base even have an EFMP office? I guess I could e-mail the Shirt and ask him! Can I enroll Gunnar in EFMP, or does Dave need to? Dave is currently deployed, so it would have to wait till he returned home, if that is the case. Although, wouldn't we go to Portsmouth NSY? Since that is where we go for Medical? Thank you all for the information! --Kayla
  21. Hi Everyone :) Long time to type! I hope everyone is well and enjoying life! I would like some information on EFMP (I SWEAR! I searched for this topic, and I got nada!). I had a baby boy (don't die of shock!) in September! He was born with one kidney and has kidney reflux. :-( 1) Would this mark him as EFMP? 2) We are/were trying for OCONUS (England/Germany/Hawaii)--would his EFMP take our chances off the table? Thank you! Kayla :-)
  22. The Kayla

    Military Family/Spouse Hardships

    I could be wrong, but I thought congress passed a "law" telling colleges that they have to take military spouse/dependent credits (Spouse Relief act? I do not know the name, sorry!). However, where the school will "get you" is they will take those credits and apply them as "electives" and not core classes, even though it can be the same damn class (ask me how I know ;)) High Schools have to do the same thing (I think?), because you were getting High School military brats transferring schools, and the new school was putting them in a lower grade then where they belonged. As for certificates: yeah, that just sucks. :( I was almost denied a promotion because of the possibility of moving (yes, the manager told me this). It pissed me off, but I learned my lesson, don't talk about being a military spouse at work. I have been told that it's really hard for spouses to get a job on base... But, my source was a bitter spouse ;) I have never been scammed *knocks on wood* OH! Speaking of education: The VA. It would be SO flipping NICE if the VA would TRAIN the VA reps at colleges, so that when you ask them questions, they don't look at you with a blank stare going "huh? I'll have to get back to you.." and then 3 months later you receive "well, I still don't know, I'm trying to figure this out..." blah blah blah.
  23. It doesn't matter if your husband was a fighter or not, there will be spouse groups, no matter what or where, you go. Fighter wives aren't the only ones that know how to have fun :) My good friend's husband flys C-17s, and she is always going something with her spouse group.