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  1. Yeah a lot of our prior enlisted crew chiefs had that attitude and struggled. We even had a guy who allegedly had 500 hours in the Bell Jet Ranger which is what we do most of our flying in and he washed out.
  2. Yeah I hear ya brother... Even though it's been over a decade the "Ruckerisms" are still haunting! haha... So nothing like those ac specific yellow flashcard books? Yeah in our AR 95-1 in chapter 5 they cover all of that stuff (weather mins etc.) I wonder if a lot of that will be the same. I remember trying to do that before Army IERW and it was just that, senseless words and numbers... However, I figure this time around being a 1000 hour heli guy with a good amount of IFR, I figured I could get a little bit ahead on the airplane specific stuff... In IERW we were two students
  3. Folks, can anyone help me out with a list of pubs, flashcards, checklists and the like that will help me succeed at UPT? I have been an Army Aviator since 2002 and will surely have to "unlearn" as much as I will have to learn. The rote memorization required in Army flight school was obscene and I can only expect that the Air Force school will be a lot of the same. Anything I can start to study ahead of time I'm sure will be better than showing up cold. Thanks! Paul
  4. I am currently a 10 year NYARNG heli pilot. I have spent time flying for them as a warrant officer as well as a commissioned guy. They very rarely take anybody off the "street" into the warrant officer flight program however if you become a second lieutenant and get branched aviation you are in. That state decides where LT's go. So if you don't have an in at the unit, commissioned is the way to go As for the 106th ARW, they just filled those slots. They had 60 applicants, widdled it down to 40 and only took 4. They would rather not fill slots there than settle. Very elite unit. Good luc
  5. Thanks!! Hopefully the acronyms haven't changed much in the AF since I was an A1C back in '95! Haha
  6. 109th in Scotia NY... Thanks for the feedback Have had several conversations. This has taken months but I appreciate your correction regarding formality.
  7. A lot of this is news to me. I am an Army Guard 1000 hour, 38 year old captain (prior warrant officer) and literally got an email this morning approving my transfer to the ANG to fly C-130's. My age was never brought up. Can any of you quote regulation regarding officers who are already rated attending UPT or FWQ? I'd like to do a little homework if they didn't. Thanks.
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