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  1. Spaceballs

    What is next for the UPT-Next graduates?

    Where do they go next? Back to UPT.
  2. Spaceballs

    Unethical to not disclose checkride failure?

    As a fighter dude, I'd say just answer that and any questions honestly if asked. The positive point that can come out of that and any other failures is that you learned from your mistakes, fixed them, and moved on. I've yet to find a pilot who doesn't make mistakes.
  3. Spaceballs

    New SOS in-correspondence

    Has anyone finished the new SOS i-c? Everyone in my unit finished the old easy version years ago or hasn't even looked into starting it. How quickly can you finish it if you put a lot of focus on it?
  4. Spaceballs

    Overseas PCS and your cars

    More than likely I'll be heading overseas in the near future. Is it worth taking your car with you? I've heard through the grapevine that your car will get dinged up in the 3 months it takes to get there and then you have to deal with converting it to meet the host country's regulations. Then when you go back to the states I assume you have to undo the modifications you had done? The roads are also smaller than here in the states, so would a midsize sedan do ok on their roads? TIA.
  5. Spaceballs

    Overseas PCS and your cars

    Thanks crag. That's good to know. Any advice on Italy?
  6. Spaceballs

    Overseas PCS and your cars

    Just a midsize sedan, not sure where exactly yet. I've heard Japan plays a lot of games with you and makes you modify your car a lot. I haven't heard much about Europe yet.
  7. Spaceballs

    Shadow Boxes

    Does anyone know a good place to buy them? I've been looking all over the internet and they are pretty expensive for the type I'm looking for. One of my buddies found a place that sells "imperfect" boxes for ridiculously cheap, but he can't remember the site anymore. He bought five of them and they all looked perfect.
  8. Is the process pretty easy after graduation to take the test and get all the paperwork in order, schedule an appointment with the FSDO, etc? There's a guy offering to do all the legwork in Columbus for $250 as well as teach a class to help prepare for it, but we don't know how much is actually involved with it.
  9. I can't find any information on this and my local TMO people haven't been of any help. Basically, the moving company destroyed quite a few things during my last move. They had an inspection company come out to do a claim inspection, then the moving company sent me an offer for the damages on DPS. I called the inspection company and asked for a copy of the results, but they said the inspection is confidential between the moving company and them. I then contacted the moving company and everyone I have talked to so far say that they need someone else's permission to send the report and that person isn't around. They also did not upload the inspection to DPS. Is there anything that says someone has to furnish me a copy of the report or that they have to upload it to DPS? I don't see what would keep them from getting a report that says repair would cost $2500, then offering $1000. Thanks guys.
  10. Spaceballs

    How do you feel about your airframe and mission?

    Are F-16 guys still flying a lot with the mass influx of UPT grads?
  11. There was one here not long ago.
  12. Anyone know the Laughlin drop for 17-08 38s?
  13. CBM 38s: 3x Vipers 1x F-35 1x F-15E
  14. Does anyone know Vance's drop?
  15. Any word on Vance or Laughlin's drops?
  16. What turned a lot of guys in my class off of fighters were the fighter pilots that we did have in phase II.
  17. Spaceballs

    U-28 reported down IVO CVS

    Miss you bros
  18. I heard the F-16 pipeline is getting backed up with all the drops lately. Are other FTU's getting backed up as well?
  19. Maintenance, then weather and maintenance.
  20. Can you still be competitive for an airline job with a R-ATP?
  21. Spaceballs

    B-2 Spirit info

    Does anyone know how much you actually fly in the B-2 community these days? I've heard that you rarely fly, but I don't know if that's in relation to just the B-2 or at all.
  22. Spaceballs

    2017 Active Duty UFT Board

    Is it true that if you apply and don't get selected that it's your only shot at applying for a rated board in the future? A buddy of mine heard that and decided not to put in a package until he can raise his scores.
  23. Spaceballs

    2016 UPT Board

    Does anyone know when the board is meeting? I haven't been able to get on mypers in the past week with all the outages to check. I helped a buddy put his package together and I'm excited to see if he gets picked up.
  24. Spaceballs

    2017 Active Duty UFT Board

    Congrats to the guys who got picked up. I've been watching for the PSDM, but it looks like it still hasn't been released.