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  1. wacky

    Omega X-33 Order

    Sign me up for a Gen 3, any idea what the new price would be?
  2. wacky

    Omega X-33 Order

    Tunes, Thanks for sticking with this. I lack the patience to have organized this ordeal. Fingers crossed.
  3. wacky

    Palace Chase info

    A 1288 endorsed by a hiring unit is not required until after your PC is approved, however it does go a long way in the Palace Chase approval process. After your Wg/CC signs your 1288 it can be packaged for AFPC. 11M, OTS 03, pilot training 04-10, approved summer 2012, PC'd in Oct 12
  4. wacky

    C-17 Lands at Wrong Airport

    Search 'certification of common use carry-on equipment' on the portal and it is the first reference.
  5. wacky

    C-17 Lands at Wrong Airport

    I had to research this topic and provide a reference for usage since the verbiage in the 202v3 references other regulations. In the most recent 'Aerial Certified Equipment' memo from ASC/ENAC, Bluetooth Class 2 operation is acceptable due to the low power output levels.
  6. wacky

    C-17 Lands at Wrong Airport

    This assumes it was an Active Duty crew that mistook the field for their intended destination. We are all task-saturated and our AFRC brothers and sisters have double duty as they manage the pull from their civilian employers and some of the AD-isms (PT, taskers, MICT, etc) that have unfortunately creeped into their lives. There are commercially available tools for the ipad that overlay your present position on a sectional and approach plate like Foreflight HD combined with a Dual bluetooth GPS that I spent the money on last year and it has been a great tool. I can see my exact position on any taxi diagram in the CONUS and position on an approach plate. Assuming they were direct from OCONUS, I am sure the powers that be will look at the fatigue tracker, pre-mission planning, briefings enroute/prior to descent, and luckily no one was hurt and the jet stopped on the available surface albeit the incorrect one. We can lambast the crew all we want and I am sure their worst critics are going to be themselves.
  7. wacky

    C-17 Lands at Wrong Airport

    http://www2.tbo.com/news/breaking-news/2012/jul/20/6/huge-air-force-cargo-plane-lands-at-davis-islands--ar-437276/ Did they back the aircraft after landing? From the article: The nose landing gear of the cargo jet stopped about six to 10 feet from the end of the runway, said Gucwa, who took cell phone video of the landing.
  8. Take a cheap cab to Landstuhl for dinner then you have a few bar options, or head to Kaiserslauten in a slightly more expensive cab and grab dinner/bars. Have a doner for me, I will be in the AOR.
  9. wacky

    Gun Talk

    I have a HK P2000SK in .40 for my personal carry and an older Series 70 Colt 45 for around the house.
  10. Thank you. That is all I can say.
  11. I don't know if anyone here has been to a Chicago Blackhawks game (even better at the old stadium), but the Anthem is amazing and I still get the chills... http://www.chicagoblackhawks.com/player/?f...991anthem%2Ewvx 2 days before the kick-off on Operation Desert Storm, it is a controversial Chicago tradition, but the atmosphere and the energy is undeniable [ 10. December 2006, 14:11: Message edited by: wacky ]
  12. wacky

    Altus Training questions

    AFAIK ACIQ is gone for the C-17
  13. wacky

    Charleston AFB info

    If you aren't interested in a house and want to live downtown that is also a possibility. When are you getting down here? I know of a couple of my friends who originally thought it was a good idea to live up in Mount P or S'ville and now live down on Broad like me. I lucked into my place here, since I am living with a 19 yr old girl and a 22 yr old, both C of C kids. I pay 950 a month, utils included for a room and bathroom in a 2100 sq foot house on Broad St a block from King and a short walk to everything... Drop me a PM since I have a 4 month sublet you can check out while I am gone... Wacky
  14. wacky

    Best Deid Story

    The offender who closed it will remain nameless, but if anyone else knows the story they can copy that it was right up his alley.
  15. wacky

    AF/Navy air refueling differences

    I know alot of the Navy folks prefer the Omega tankers with their drogue setup vs the -135 with the iron maiden attached for stability reasons. They definitely do not have much love for their -18s as tankers since the noise level is near unbearable on such a short leash. Wacky