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  1. This is actually pretty funny. My five most recent OPRs that met the most recent promo board were all from my time in Hawaii (those were actually my best OPRs in my career too...including a boarded position). Why do they even bother putting guidance like this out? The board never follows it. Looking forward to going back to Hawaii in a few years, after retirement, and getting that sweet GS job and not dealing with this stuff ever again!
  2. Leadership did contact me and confirmed. Hopefully the dudes out there that were in a similar situation to me can benefit from the changes the AF is making, and hopefully the AF continues to make changes to improve how all of this is done.
  3. Are the board demographics posted to RAW after the promotion board is released to the public? I checked this morning and didn't see them yet.
  4. Well, I'm 3APZ and we half been at reduced manning where I am, so I'm not even sure what days our O-6 is in. Still, lots of time left in the day, so we will see what happens. I'm not too upset with it. I'm more upset with a promotion system that doesn't give feedback to folks (outside of "maybe next year!") but still expects people to run the race as hard as possible in the hopes of something positive happening. If the AF is going to make changes to the promotion system, make full-measures that are truly meaningful. Not half-measures that may, or may not, get implemented. /getsoffsoapbox
  5. I already know my results (thank you to the grapevine), but my leadership has not contacted me in anyway to give me the same info. So about what I am used to!
  6. No worries. I got the info I was looking for. Thanks for responding!
  7. Do you happen to have the Information Warfare stats? I'm not at work so i can't access RAW. If you don't have them, no worries.
  8. So just looking at the board status again (no update since 24 Sept), but it says it takes 18 work days to report into OSD, which would put that date at 5 Oct. looking at the other boards, the public release date was anywhere from 2-4 weeks after that date. Is it possible the results might not released until the 3rd week of October, at the earliest? or will they try to get them out sooner then that?
  9. I like this idea. I would take a step further and open it up to anybody that wants to do it, versus only allowing the top 20%. I would also tie in an option for folks do a career intermission to go to an in-person school for a Master's degree. I think one of the big problems facing the military is that we don't bring in a lot of the tools/ideas that work in the civilian sector, and that's because most leaders haven't been exposed to them. I did the ACSC OLMP and I enjoyed it. I won a research award (i got my name on a plaque at Maxwell), but, because it wasn't in-residence, it lit
  10. So about 2 more weeks until the AF affirms, again, that I am in the bottom 10% of all promotable O-4s? I was even forced to plan the SES Holiday party last year too, so hopefully the board took that into consideration. I probably won’t actually find out until the list is publicly released since I have been mothballed to the CSA that the 14N’s send only the undesirables too.
  11. I am somewhat curious how they are going to reconcile the pin-on order across all of the categories. But, somewhat related, our DT came out yesterday and said they were trying to de-emphasize records and re-emphasize performance (they dodged on the question asking about records reflecting performance). So I’m not convinced any AF senior leaders have any idea about what they are trying to do.
  12. I was offered continuation to 24 years after either my 1 APZ or 2 APZ. It didn’t mean I had to serve to the 24 year point, it just meant I could if I wanted to and I wouldn’t get involuntarily separated unless I did something stupid. What I am more curious about is how to get a 6 month Skillbridge internship before retirement. Does anybody know if you can do a skill bridge program and then start your terminal leave? That would give me about 10-11 months of civilian sector work before I actually am retired. It would also essentially allow me to “retire” at 19 years.
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