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  1. Co-Pilot didn't want to fly that particular plane
  2. Just got word that ESERB for 13B 2001-03 Year groups are closed.
  3. I am a candidate on the ESERB board. The board convenes in June with results released in late August. I just got an email today that I am an addition to the Fall VML because of current ops manning requirements. I wasn't suppose to move until March timeframe assuming I survive the ESERB. So if I survive the ESERB, I will PCS one month later, if I don't, I retire 1 December. You can't make this shit up!
  4. Friend of mine currently in school (IDE) said he heard an unsubstantiated rumor delaying FY14 Lt Col Board till 2015. Has anyone heard/confirm this? Not trying to create any drama, just want to know what is being said in big Air Force. I'm in a JTF so connections are limited to my airframe only and have not gotten any replies.
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