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  1. Shaft34

    Gun Talk

    $299 at AIM Surplus for a LEO .40 https://www.aimsurplus.com/product.aspx?item=F1SWMP40&name=LEO+Trade-In+Smith+%26+Wesson+M%26P40+.40+S%26W+Handgun&groupid=7952
  2. Shaft34

    Need T-6 Static Display

    Huggy, I can ask the pilots at Hemet if they’d be interested in bringing the OV-10 or S-2T over. I’m not sure how the approval process works in our organization, but I can at least ask. Being late May, Cal Fire may not allow the aircraft off base for an airshow. One of the pilots lives in Redlands, so he may be interested. Let me get back to you... SHAFT
  3. Shaft34

    Civilian T-6 IPs?

    DynCorp has a couple job postings for IP positions at Sheppard (Contingent Upon Award): https://dyncorp.jobs.net/en-US/job/t-6a-instructor-pilot-ip-contingent-upon-award/J3K7YG5X2X071P7T990 https://dyncorp.jobs.net/en-US/job/t-38c-instructor-pilot-ip-contingent-upon-award/J3F52R6B01P1STF22KF Here are the mins they have posted: DI T-38C Flight Time and Experience Minimums: Flight Currency Status/Minimums: 2,000 Hours Total Flight Time 1,000 Hours in Fighter/Fighter Trainer MDS 500 hours formal course IP experience or; 3 years Instructor Pilot duties, 4-Ship Flight Lead, Designated Mission Commander in the Combat Air Force or AETC FTU or T-38C PIT/JSUPT missions 50 Flying Hours - last 12 months No mention of pay/benefits.
  4. Shaft34

    Thunderbird AND Blue Angel Crash?

    Some pictures from the memorial for Capt Kuss here in Durango, CO: http://www.durangoherald.com/apps/pbcs.dll/gallery?Site=DU&Date=20160611&Category=NEWS01&ArtNo=610009999&Ref=PH/Marine-Capt-Jeff-Kuss-comes-home#/apps/pbcsi.dll/bilde?Site=DU&Date=20160611&Category=NEWS01&ArtNo=610009999&Ref=PH&Item=1&NewTbl=1&MaxH=400 http://www.durangoherald.com/apps/pbcs.dll/gallery?Site=DU&Date=20160611&Category=NEWS01&ArtNo=611009999&Ref=PH/Kuss-memorial#/apps/pbcsi.dll/bilde?Site=DU&Date=20160611&Category=NEWS01&ArtNo=611009999&Ref=PH&Item=22&NewTbl=1&MaxH=400 I just happen to be here in Durango on a fire assignment and missed the memorial because we were out flying a fire, but word from those were around is how respectful everyone was as the precession made its way through town. It is a big deal to the people here even during the busy tourist season. Fat Albert just left today and I think the Hornets staged out of GJT. RIP Capt Kuss
  5. Shaft34

    RAPCON phone numbers

    Two places I'd use are: 1. ABQ tower - call them for the number 2. Kirtland OSS should have an airspace office of some sort
  6. Shaft34

    Gun Talk

    Take a look at e Ruger SR-22 if they're still making it. My Dad has one and it's fun to shoot.
  7. Shaft34

    Tony Kern

    I'd say you'll be ok with him as a speaker, as long as your audience isn't the aerial firefighting industry. Not real popular within that world after his time with the USFS. I don't know if it is deserved or not, but that's the perception. He was an instructor of mine all four years at the zoo because I was a history major. I remember him as one of the more memorable ones and a good story teller.
  8. Shaft34

    Privately Owned Drones

    It takes time for a TFR to be implemented for fire ops. Say anywhere from an hour to a whole day. During an Initial Attack phase the aircraft are responding to a lat/long passed through a dispatch center. Sometimes they are dead on, other times they are WAGs up to 5 miles off. Depends if it was called in by a ground crew already working it, or by someone just calling in the general vicinity. The small ones can be real hard to find sometimes... I imagine CalFire is on top of it when getting TFRs put in place, but I haven't read how long into the incident they were when the drone(s) were spotted.
  9. Shaft34

    Privately Owned Drones

    Lots of conflicting information concerning the number of hobby drones in the vicinity, but one is enough to shut things down. NIFC PSA about drone strikes: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=5Aj0BJi9Hcg NIFC diagram of the Fire Traffic Area (FTA) for those interested: http://gacc.nifc.gov/sacc/logistics/aircraft/PMS505_FTA-Card-2013_FINAL-2up.pdf It's hard enough keeping an eye out for each other and other air traffic in these dynamic situations.
  10. Shaft34

    U-2 Dragonlady info

    Probably due to the fact they let a lot of pilots leave via TERA and VSP last year, combined with normal attrition. Not allowing for fighter/bomber applicants makes for a much smaller pool to draw from.
  11. Shaft34

    U-2 Dragonlady info

    Just your average AF (interview) flight!
  12. Shaft34

    U-2 Dragonlady info

    Useful for students flying around the pattern to keep it coordinated until they get the feel. Up high you generally center it up with the yaw knob on the autopilot once you get above 50k and don't really mess with it after that. Helps keep the wing fuel balanced for the landing. Don't really use it for the landing phase, too busy looking straight forward (yaw string is overhead on the canopy) trying to keep the wings level, stopping drift, and keeping her at 2'. You can tell the yaw pretty well by looking at the nose. The big honking ASARS nose is the best for crab, but not as good for the others. Of course, there are as many techniques for flying the Deuce as there are U-2 pilots...
  13. Based on my personal experience transferring GI Bill benefits right before applying for TERA, I would NOT recommend doing it if you are putting in for VSP. I did the transfer one day before applying for TERA because it was listed as being fully waived if approved. Of course there was no mention that they would use ADSC as a discriminator when deciding who was approved. Ended up being ranked 7 of 8 in my yr group/AFSC because of it. Fortunately I got lucky and was accidentally approved due to their own incompetence, so it worked out in my favor. Had I known this beforehand, probably wouldn't have done the transfer, as I had just completed my ADSC for the bonus that same month and had no other ADSCs. Probably would have gotten TERA anyway after being passed over 2x this month. Of course, it may or not make a difference with this round, but we would never know since they don't really publish how exactly they're making these decisions.
  14. Shaft34

    Gun Talk

    Just curious HeloDude...how is the top one a pistol? Looks like it has a buttstock to me. What am I missing?