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    Gun Talk

    Unable to find anything...any other info besides FB?
  2. I took an upper management job at a large company away from DoD...and was completely underwhelmed. The profit/loss work wasn't for me and I wasn't a great fit for corporate environment...so I left and went to defense contracting. Location, Job, Salary....rank order what is important (to your family) and expect to get only 2 of the 3, many people only get 1. Good luck!
  3. Disability award date is the date of separation....when claims are 'normally' submitted. The BDD system allows for certain people to file their claim 6 months prior to separation (retirement)....however, it isn't actually submitted until your actual DOS. Therefore, in my situation, although mine was submitted on 1 May, to the VA it wasn't actually submitted until 1 November. Since my closing was in July...no chance for a refund. Just want people to know their options...it may be beneficial to not use the BDD system if you plan to close on a home during that 6 months AND you're going to get a disability award.
  4. I spoke to VA regional loan office in Atlanta about this today. In order to get a refund, or avoid the fee at closing, the date of closing must be after the effective date of disability rating. I submitted BDD 6 months prior to retirement (May) then closed in July. Because my official retirement date was 1Nov I'm not eligible for refund (although submitted to VA in May).
  5. Closed with NBKC this week: 3.25% 30 YR VA, $4200 in lenders credit (covered funding fee). Smooth process...few quirks with the company - but highly recommend. Also used USAA Home Buying Service to help us with a realtor in new city - great process - wish I'd used it years ago. Good luck.
  6. F15E154


    2010 Silverado, 5.3L, 50K miles…never a bit of an issue. 19-20MPG on highway, 17-18 in town. Personally I don't like the 2014+ Chevy's - but if you can find a low mileage 2013, I'd recommend it.
  7. Go to UPT....you'll be glad you did when you have a fall back skill set when you retire / separate.
  8. F15E154

    Gun Talk

    I put mine in a ziploc, wrapped bubble wrap around it and put in box. Not a word said.
  9. New poster, couldn't find anything via search. Anyone know about retiring from AD and joining AFRC as an ART? Thanks in advance.
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