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  1. If you don't think that the massive amounts of debt we are in is going to hurt this country you are a fool
  2. I think I'll save that one for SERE, otherwise my wife might get a little concerned.
  3. Assigned to the Buff out of Vance last night! I'm looking forward to jumping right into the training, but I imagine it will be a waiting game for a little while. Plus SERE and the other training events etc... in any case, I'm excited to get to know the community. If there is any advice on how to spend my upcoming free time in order to be prepared for the training at Barksdale I am all ears. Thanks,
  4. If I've gotten snubbed because I used an incorrect acronym I apologize, we've been in the habit of using the term NSA for assignments into the PC-12, Dornier and I think there are one or two more aircraft flying out of Cannon. Would still appreciate any info on these assignments. Thanks
  5. There is a good deal of info on the U-28 on this thread but very little posted about the NSA assignments out of Cannon. Is there anyone flying out of Cannon for NSA that is able to give some current deployment tempo, lifestyle, flying hours information?
  6. Thanks all, I appreciate the advice. Still no orders and only 7 days away. I have a nasty little feeling that they were cut and when one NCO went on maternity leave they were lost in cyberspace but all I get when I ask about them is don't talk to us... we will contact you when we have them. At this point I am asking the question: if my EAD date comes and still no orders in hand... what do I do... stay, leave? I'm pretty sure that things will get taken care of this week but at this point nothing would surprise me. We are probably going to end up paying extra rent at our current apartment because we can't get our 30 days notice in AND/OR we won't be able to get the TMO to move us for a few weeks after we leave for Vance. Pretty much in a lose lose situation at this point so I've resigned myself to accepting and being okay with the worst possible scenarios. On the brighter side, I graduated and commissioned and that is nice.....
  7. Okay, so my EAD date is listed as 7 May 2011. That is exactly 21 days from today. My orders haven't been cut yet. As I understand it the TMO requires 3 weeks notice before the day they get movers to your place. I am married with one child and we are renting an apartment near the campus I attend. Does this mean we will have to leave before we can get movers here. I know nothing about "do it yourself" moves, what are my options. As I see it my options are: DITY (lots of hassle and no experience on my part deter me from this option) TMO (They will be moving our stuff after we have already reported to VANCE ... is this even possible) Other options?
  8. Just glanced through this thread and thought I would add my 2 cents. I did a three year ROTC program. I'm graduating this year and headed off to pilot training this summer. If it were me, an extra year of school would not deter me from ROTC. I would add some classes to my schedule that I was interested in, make each semester very manageable. I know guys that have had to cram a bunch of classes into each semester and it makes getting good grades much more difficult for them. I took two years off school for meaningful service and other activities and it really doesn't make a big difference as far as your age goes. Its your decision though, do what you feel strongly about.
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